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Dominican Republic Residence

If you obtain Dominican Republic residence through our program we will give you a FREE mobile income package which may provide you with the retirement income you need to live in the D.R. or anywhere you choose to live as long as there is an internet connection. The money you save through our Dominican Republic program compared to the amount others charge for the same program will also allow you to have more to invest, therefore, you can have more to spend in the D.R.

Getting Dominican Republic residence easier and less expensive compared to other second residency programs. You will not have to invest $50,000 in a teak plantation in Costa Rica or start a business for $100,000. Your requirements will be easier than some other countries but the program is not as easy as it once was and what is written below has changed. So it is best to contact us and find out about the changes in getting residency leading to citizenship and a passport. We have better options now within our 2nd Residencies and 2nd Passport Programs Package. So please order that package to save time and save money.

You can get Dominican Republic residence simply by following a few Dominican Republic requirements. Our professional and low cost guides will lead you through these requirements in one day while you are there. You only have to visit the D.R. paradise a couple of times and you can have your residence card in five months. Update: This program is no longer as easy as it once was. So please check with the low cost lawyers in the introduction package about the new requirements.

Why obtain Dominican Republic residence?

If you are sick and tired of government waste and mishandling of your tax dollars and you recognize that the manipulated financial collapse is designed to bring about greater global socialism and redistribution of your wealth then it is time to escape and enjoy your life in a country that will not tax income earned outside.

If you have an internet business you can relocate to the Dominican republic and live in paradise while you earn your money from your internet business tax free according to Dominican Republic requirements. As long as your money is earned outside of the D.R. you will be able to enjoy tax free income.

Think of the Dominican Republic residence card as freedom insurance. It is good for each family member to have one so your escape from those who are now destroying your country through socialism can be an easy and quick one. Take several family vacations to the D.R. so each family member can get one.

45 Day Dominican Republic Residence Program

The recently enacted FAST TRACK RESIDENCY INCENTIVE BILL allows retirees to obtain Dominican Republic residence in only 45 days while benefiting them with many tax exemptions. This is perfect for those who need to escape to a new life in paradise quickly before the door is shut by the freedom controllers.

Our Dominican Republic residence program is the best

Our introduction fee includes at no additional charge the lowest priced Dominican Republic residence and passport program. The three lawyers we work with (a different one for each stage) will cost you several thousand dollars less than the most popular law firm on the net which offers this same program.

Our Domincan Republic program for residence and immigration is the best because we not only connect you with honest and low priced lawyers who have the best connections to assist you, we also guide you to the best hotels to stay in and best places to visit and give you a mobile income package through which you may be able to retire anywhere there is an internet connection.

Contact us today at: service at and we will save you from high priced law firms or introduction operations that will charge you an arm and a leg to obtain residence. We have seen introducers charge from $10,000 to $20,000 which is ridiculous. We charge only 1000, but if you have a discount password from one of our partners, or from us, then you can get it for only 795. So for the best service and price, contact us today for a discount password if you desire Dominican Republic residence


Warning: We do not do business with citizens or residents of those countries on the U.S. State Department's list which harbor terrorists or terrorist training camps. We will not allow our service which is meant to help government oppressed people guarantee their financial privacy and freedom to fall into the wrong hands and be used to further the aims of terrorists who want to bring harm to innocent people. Therefore, we have no choice but to steer clear of all people who could possibly be wanting to move abroad to fulfill their terrorist goals. Also, some of the procedures of the above program may change by the time you read this page. So check with the very low cost lawyers in the introduction package you will purchase and find out what those changes are.


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