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Dominican Republic Residency

45 Day Dominican Republic Residency

If you obtain residency in the Dominican Republic through our program we give you our private Freedom Offshore Tools Package that will help you enjoy an income offshore so you can escape the tyranny you are under and live free again. We will also give you three low priced immigration lawyers who legally combined for each step of the program will beat the price of other lawyers in the D.R. We know these lawyers and guarantee they are real and can do the job just as well as those who charge you $5,000, $15,000 and also $30,000 dollars for the same thing ours provide you for $3,500 more or less.

Dominican Republic residency is also one of the easiest and least expensive 2nd residencies that you can get. Some countries require far more, but in the D.R. you used to get residency easily without living there. In the past you could take a very short paradise vacation there a couple of times and in a matter of months it could be yours, but it is a little more difficult now, and so what you read below here has changed, so it is best to contact us and find out about better second passport programs. It is also best to order the 2nd Residencies and 2nd Passports package from us that will save you both time and money.

Dominican Republic residency used to be so easy and inexpensive to obtain compared to other second residency programs. But you still will not have to invest $50,000 in a teak plantation or start a business for $100,000. You will not have to live in the D.R. for five years like some other countries require you to do.

Why obtain Dominican Republic residency?

Dominican Republic residency is for everyone who desires to have an escape hatch as Europe and North America loses its freedom and rushes toward more far reaching financial collapse and forced wealth distribution through socialism. Do you want your government robbing you to pay for their own mistakes?

Think of the Dominican Republic residence card as freedom insurance. It is good for each family member to have one so your escape from those who are now destroying your country through socialism can be an easy and quick one. In the past you could take several family vacations to the D.R. so each family member can get one.

Dominican Republic residency is also perfect for those who want to relocate and escape the high tax rate of being resident in one of the western powers. In the D.R. you are not taxed on income produced outside of the country. So if you have an internet business then this can be the perfect tax freedom relocation but you may be liable for taxes in your home country depending on what country you are from.

The recently enacted Fast Track Residency incentive bill allows retirees with a pension to obtain Dominican Republic residency in only 45 days and benefiting them with many tax exemptions. So if you can show a steady income you can get residency in Dominican Republic cheaper and faster than in any other country we know of.

Our Dominican Republic residency program is the best

Our Domincan Republic program for residency and immigration is the best because we not only connect you with honest and low priced lawyers who have the best connections to assist you, we also guide you to the best hotels to stay in and best places to visit and give you a FREE Freedom Offshore Tools package which is worth $199 but it is included for FREE in your package.

Our introduction fee includes at no additional charge the lowest priced Dominican Republic residency and passport program. The three lawyers we work with combined will cost you several thousand dollars less than the most popular law firm on the net which offers this same program.

Contact us today at: service at and we will save you from high priced law firms or introduction operations that will charge you an arm and a leg to obtain residency. We have seen introducers charge from $10,000 to $20,000 which is ridiculous. We charge only several hundred, but if you have a discount password from one of our partners or from us then you can get it for even less. So for the best service and price contact us today by email to obtain your discount password if you desire to obtain Dominican Republic residency

Warning: We do not do business with citizens or residents of those countries on the U.S. State Department's list which harbor terrorists or terrorist training camps. We will not allow our service which is meant to help government oppressed people guarantee their financial privacy and freedom to fall into the wrong hands and be used to further the aims of terrorists who want to bring harm to innocent people. Therefore, we have no choice but to steer clear of all people who could possibly be wanting to move abroad to fulfill their terrorist goals. Also, by the time you read this page some of the requirements may have changed to get the fast track residency. So please check with the facilitators and lawyers in the introduction package you will purchase to get the most up to date procedures.



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