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For Maximum Offshore Privacy

Seychelles IBC Package For A Discount Price

Get your Seychelles ibc ( international business company ) with an option to have it set up without your name being divulged to the registry for maximum privacy and security. A PRIVATE DEBIT CARD is attached to the company bank account. Also, this international offshore company formation package comes with these extras for free:

This Seychelles international business offshore formation company package is normally priced competitively, but is being made available to a limited number of people for an even greater discount price in order to export freedom and sovereignty to clients of our partners and those who can not normally afford this kind of specialized offshore company formation package. Therefore, if you have a special password from us or from one of our partners then you can get it at a special discount price which represents a huge savings for you. If you do not have a special password then ask us for one, and if our quota of discount packages has not been sold for this month then we may be able to offer this huge savings to you also.


What type of returns are available in high-performing offshore investments and managed accounts?**

Well, you'll get to find out from the FREE list in this international offshore company formation package.

But here's a short teaser of examples of what is possible:

1. Was #1 overseas fund in the world - Up 847% over a five year period**

2. Was #2 overseas fund in the world - Up 815% over a five year period**

3. Was #3 overseas fund in the world - Up 434% over a five year period**

4. Forex trader with many years of experience averages about 8% a month in this aggressive managed Swiss account.**

5. About seven commodity trading funds which averaged about 100% to 200% during a 12 month period.**

6. Several forex trading groups which have produced very high profits in the past.**

7. One special Swiss trading group which averages huge profits every year.**

Plus options traders, a pre-ipo gateway investment group for the little guy, borrow-low/deposit high currency investment service which has shown profits of 50% to 150%, oil-drilling investment group, and 20 or more other alternative investments such as funds and managed accounts - all of which are disclosed as a FREE gift to you. But remember, past performance in no way guarantees future results!**

So there you have it - an overseas investing freedom, offshore asset protection, and business freedom vehicle at a bargain price.**

The catch is you need to have a special password from us (contact us) or one of our partners to get your hands on the Seychelles ibc international offshore company formation discount package. Please get purchasing instructions by clicking here: purchasing instructions or by looking on the left hand side of this web page and clicking on the purchasing menu button. If you want to learn more about the offshore limited liability company ( LLC ) then click here to learn more about it first and do some comparison before ordering the Seychelles ibc international offshore company formation package.

I need to repeat this - the Seychelles international business company package is only guaranteed to be sold at a discount price for a very short time. Inflationary conditions will most certainly force the price up very soon.

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Please select two or three different choices for paying, give us your purchasing choices and tell us which continent and country you are located in by contacting: service at but please replace the word "at" with the @ symbol in the email address above so the address will work. If there is a help desk function on this web site please use that instead of email. Email is becoming increasingly unreliable so that is why we ask this.

We will then send to you ordering instructions after you contact us.

To your freedom and sovereignty,

Freedom Offshore Services

** This is not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities. We are only giving you examples above about what is possible with alternative investments when they are purchased through a Seychelles international business company. The free list of investments are included in our international offshore company formation package. Please scroll down and click on legal DISCLAIMER below.



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