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Bank Account in USA

for non resident

Opening a bank account in the USA for a non resident or a citizen of another country is a significant step toward business freedom for those who really need one to receive payments in U.S. dollars or who need to pay their clients in American dollars. If you want one you can open a usa bank account now.

A bank account in the USA for people outside the United States who are not citizens of the U.S. can actually be a form of asset protection since it is an "offshore bank account" for you and is out of the reach of your government and is also out of the reach of thieves in your own country who may want to sue you.

Without our services a bank account in the usa for non US residents is very difficult to open by citizens of other countries who can not visit the United States and open an account in person. This is especially true after 911 since there are some very difficult and time consuming KYC regulations placed on banks.

Also, a bank account in the USA is very useful for affiliates and internet marketers. Many owners of businesses operate globally today and need to be able to accept payments for selling their own products or even affiliate products and they may want to pay for online services such as marketing and advertising.

Some affiliate marketers are located in countries where international banking transactions are restricted by their governments, or where the country itself is on a 'blacklist' due to fraudulent activities of some of its citizens. For example in the Philippines ClickBank and PayPal prevent residents (including foreigners who are living there) from receiving payments or opening accounts there.

Operating a bank account in the USA with a debit card solves the problems that many businesses have, especially those outside the USA. One important aspect is the ability to take out cash from any ATM where the various ATM networks operate. There are now over a million of these ATM cash dispensers in 170 countries all over the world.

Opening a bank account in the usa online is now a reality through the assistance of Freedom Offshore Services. Through our extensive research, contacts, and expertise we have located a major bank in the U.S. who will allow clients to open a bank account in the usa from outside the United States and you do not need an address in America to open a USA bank account.

This excellent non resident bank account provides each customer with everything they need for receiving and giving payments. It's excellence is also found in the fact that it is a very large and solid bank. It also provides you with a verification of its financial soundness if you ask for it. Click here to open a usa bank account.


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