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One of the reasons our broker is the best forex broker offshore is attributed to the value they ascribe to their customers and the trust that their customers place in them in return. Foreign currency trading with our offshore forex broker is simple, safe and open to every trader and investor. Our foreign forex brokerage was begun by a small group of non U.S. institutional traders. In other words they are safe from stifling regs.that is destroying forex in the U.S. They also have dealt with other problems that plague forex traders at most brokerages even the ones that call themselves the best forex brokers offshore.

Because they were traders themselves and knew the limitations and manipulation that ALL major forex trading brokerages were and currently still are engaged in and wanting to overcome this, this best online forex broker was born in the year 2000. It took two years to get the operation in order and as technology advances the best forex brokers offshore advance as well. Therefore, they also seek new technologies for traders and are open for advice and tips. Future enhancements for traders will always be used, so start now making money with the best forex broker account available to everyone.

All accounts are monitored 24 hours a day during market hours. They tap into the top 15 FX Banks, large FCM's and prime brokers in order to facilitate the best forex broker account and also the best offshore forex managed account programs with real time price feeds. The aggregation system they use also results in the lowest quote for buy, and highest quote for sell thus providing the tightest spreads and best price action. The spreads are often consistenly as low as a single pip.

The performance that is achieved at this foreign forex brokerage used by our offshore forex managed account programs is in our opinion the result of the most successful ECN MT4 Bridges available on the forex market, and there is nothing at other brokerages that can compare to this and that is why these are the best brokers for the forex markets offshore. All of our offshore managed forex accounts are operated under an LPOA ( Limited Power of Attorney Agreement).

Another thing that makes them the best broker for forex is that they are not U.S. citizens and thus are free and can not be put in jail for legally operating something in competition with the U.S. securities industry. They have the freedom to operate as the best broker for forex. They have a real financial services license and are audited yearly by a major auditor. Their customer's funds are held in trust at two very reputable international banks - HSBC and Standard Charter Bank. More good things are coming from this offshore forex broker that you will find out about after you become a customer. So stop asking which is the best one? We have already found it. So contact us now at service (at) to obtain more information about this best forex broker offshore.

Disclaimer: Forex is a leveraged product. It may not be suitable for you as it carries a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial investment. You should ensure you understand all of the risks.



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