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Obtain Dual Citizenship in a Sovereign Paradise

Dual citizenship is freedom insurance. Unfortunately, the facts about getting second citizenship are often twisted and misunderstood. Many people ask: Can Americans have dual citizenship and is it legal? Some people question the ethics of it and ask: Is it patriotic?

Freedom Offshore Services has spent some time investigating the facts about dual citizenship and has discovered that it is perfectly legal in most countries and is in fact one of the most important steps to global freedom that you can take. As long as you are not from a country in which dual citizenship is illegal, you should try and obtain a second passport if you value insuring true freedom that is international.

If you believe that the government you are living under now is fulfilling its mission of allowing you the people to be the government of your own affairs, and is not mismanaging your tax dollars, and would never restrict your freedom if the going got tough, then it may be unpatriotic of you to seek out a second foreign passport.

On the other hand, if you do not trust your government (they should never be trusted), and you believe that the sovereignty of the individual and family should be preserved and protected, then you need to look at our second passports program and choose a passport that is right for your budget. We even have one that is priced so low that you can get one for each member of your family as you vacation in paradise in freedom together.

The second passport program that we have found and investigated personally, by actually going to the issuing country and meeting with the quality lawyers involved in that program, is found by clicking here. I know other people who have used the lawyer who facilitates this. This is legitimate and is REAL. I have at least three contacts who speak highly of the lawyer behind this legal and cheap second passport program. No more do you have to ask the question: Is dual citizenship legal ?

Another offshore passport program that is quicker but more expensive can be found here. If you can afford the price then I would go with this one since everything is accomplished in about six months which closes the window of risk in the change in laws which is a possiblility with the other program above. Click here to look at how to obtain dual citizenship with this program.

The other one we offer is much much quicker and can be found by clicking here. This one should only be acquired by the person who has a desperate need to quickly escape unjust laws or a country that is politically and legally out of control. If you think you are going to be charged with a victimless crime that is not rooted in true moral law but is a result of government legislation gone crazy, then this is the ideal route to a second passport for you. Click here to have a look.

In our package we also give you an introduction to one of the leading service firms for international immigration and citizenship law. They can give you advice on all aspects of current residency and citizenship laws in whatever nation you want to obtain a dual citizenship and passport from. This firm has associates and offices in many countries offering citizenship programs. They also offer very expert advice on current events affecting a certain citizenship program, special situations, the advantages and disadvantages of various options, and of course expert information and opinions on various second passport programs and options. This leading service firm also has an international network of investment advisors, tax consultants, immigration specialist attorneys, and other kinds of professionals who can help you. If you want practical and speedy solutions then this firm is right for you. They even have several legal economic citizenship and instant passport programs available for those who do not mind spending a substantial amount of money securing their freedom.

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Contact us now to learn more about the different passport programs we offer and to pay the introduction fee by contacting us via the email address at the bottom of this page and give us the discount password that one of our partners gave to you. If you do not have a discount password from one of our partners then you can obtain one from us by email if you want to obtain the special discount on the introduction fee for our cheap second passport programs.

If you have any questions at all about obtaining dual citizenship and a cheap second passport in the tropical paradise described elsewhere then contact us right now at: service at but please replace the word "at" with the @ symbol in the email address above so the address will work. If you find a help desk function on this web site then contact us through that. Email is becoming increasingly unreliable so that is why we ask this.

Warning: We do not do business with citizens or residents of those countries on the U.S. State Department's list which harbor terrorists or terrorist training camps. We will not allow our service which is meant to help government oppressed people guarantee their financial privacy and freedom to fall into the wrong hands and be used to further the aims of terrorists who want to bring harm to innocent people. Therefore, we have no choice but to steer clear of all people who could possibly be wanting to move abroad to fulfill their terrorist goals.



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