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Economic citizenship programs are not all the same quality. In fact, some that advertise themselves as quick passport programs are outright scams. The best ones are very expensive and are affordable for those who have the money. But there is a an economic citizenship program that is located in on a little known island and it is affordable for even some middle class people. In fact the seller of the program will offer it to clients of Freedom Offshore at a price that is less than he normally sells it for. We choose to introduce you to an affordable economic citizenship program or programs and some that are more expensive. We also warn you below about some you need to stay away from.

The Least Expensive Investment Citizenship Program

The least expensive short time to citizenship program is found in a country where spring like weather is normal in some parts of the country. The government of this country is willing to grant economic citizenship to those who "contribute to the country". This requires a visit to this country by the applicant and obtaining two local sponsors who can vouch for an applicant's good standing and character. With the correct local connections (we have found those for you), the time period that it takes to get the citizenship and passport can be reduced or even waived. The passport from this country is good for visa free travel to many many countries.

Dual citizenship is common in this country. Not only does a person receive citizenship from this country, but they may also receive a passport which is valid for five years, a certificate of naturalization, a driver's license, and a national I.D. card. Name changes can be accomplished. Your home country is not informed of your new citizenship either. With this passport you can even obtain a Spanish passport later on by living in Spain for two years. The total cost for this economic citizenship program is quite low compared to some other programs.


WELCOME TO COMOROS! The Union of the Comoros is a sovereign archipelago island state. Geographically, Comoros is situated in the Indian Ocean, to the north-east of Madagascar. It consists of many small islands, however only four of them are inhabited: Grande Comore, Mohéli, Anjouan and Maore. At 2,235, Comoros is one of the smallest countries in the world with a population of around 750,000. Comoros became independent from France on 6th July, 1975.

COMOROS ECONOMIC CITIZENSHIP PROGRAM - The Comoros Economic Citizenship Program is a legal naturalization program established in 2001 in accordance with the Constitution. The Program is regulated by the Law On Economic Citizenship as of 27 November 2008. The relevant legislation has been recently amended to reflect a clearer focus on citizenship by investment. The local public authority responsible for processing all citizenship applications is the National Independent Committee. According to the law, citizenship is granted solely by decree of the President of the Republic. The official confirmation that you were granted citizenship is the Certificate of Naturalization and Passport. It takes approximately 60-90 days from the moment you submit a complete application until you get your Comorian citizenship and the passport. However processing times may vary depending on each individual case and the government policy.



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