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Do Not Be Led Astray By Copycats

At the bottom of this page I have placed some real client testimonials about Freedom Offshore Services so do not forget to read those below. Also near the bottom of this page are the reasons we operate in anonymity for those who are curious about and interested in our methods of operation.

Freedom Offshore Services started helping clients on a private forum in the fall of 2007 (our business has longevity) and secured our brand name Freedom offshore in March of 2008 by the purchase of our domain name and So we definitely are the owners and creators of this brand name. You can check for verification of that. Just type in the domain name and look for the domain creation date. We chose to call ourselves Freedom Offshore Services to describe what we provide. When we chose our domain name we made sure that no one else before us called themselves Freedom Offshore or Freedom Offshore Services so we would not be stealing from anyone or trampling on someone elses toes etc. So we were delighted that no one else had that brand name and so we chose it.

Do others have the same integrity and sense of what is right and wrong that we do? Do not be led astray by copycats who unethically use our brand name Freedom Offshore to gain an advantage for themselves by getting free traffic from our search engine results and allowing people to think that they are associated with us. These people even claim they were the creators of "Freedom Offshore". These are internet marketing wizards who are making a dollar off of our hard work. Ask yourself before doing business with these people: Would I take someone's brand name and use it for myself or would I create another brand name to be creative and ethical also? Stay away from someone who does not have the same values as you. Could you trust those people if they steal someone's brand name like that? Check their domain creation date on and compare the date to ours.

Our business was created by an older and wiser person in order to bring solutions to the middle class as well as the rich. If you see this idea of providing offshore services for "not only the rich but for everyone etc." on a copycat web site and service then you know where they got this from. We have spent countless hours looking for the most affordable solutions in asset protection and have little known strategies that even the middle class can afford. We have strategies for the wealthier client also of course. But we were the first ones to do it and others do not have what we can provide to you.

Look at some of the offers on our web site and compare them with what others offer and you shall see that our prices are truly tailored for the middle class client as well as the wealthy if they want to save money too. Our Freedom offshore LLC package was our first product and that was followed by our bank account introduction package and other products and services such as the Belize ibc package that you can find on our web site Freedom Offshore dot com.

Perhaps the best package we have for the money is our Freedom Offshore Residency and Second Passport Package. There are all kinds of scams on the market today that offer fake passports and we are truly excited about the real passport programs we have assembled in our Freedom Offshore package which are the most affordable options in the world today for getting a second residency and a genuine passport from another country.

Please contact us at service @ for more information and chat about your needs.

Sincerely, James Baumann for Freedom Offshore Services

Freedom Offshore Services

and our mission

Freedom Offshore Services was born out of a desire to keep people from being ripped off both from high priced asset protection specialists as well as being ripped off from trust companies who do not care enough to protect what is yours. If you are not in control of your own assets then you can not be sure that your assets will truly be cared for.

So it is the mission of Freedom Offshore to place sovereignty, freedom and wealth back into the hands of not only the wealthy but also the average person who has a small nest egg to protect from not only those mentioned above but also from lawsuits and from any government which is out of control and grasping for more and more of your money.

Freedom Offshore knows someone very well who had his investments in an offshore grantor trust which was in the "care of" a trust company recommended by some notable people. When he finally closed out the trust at the end of 2004 he found out that investments that were being listed on the trust balance sheet had been sold several years previously. He also failed to get the checks and balances on his investment decision making that should have come from the trustee and lost thousands.

So after finding out that the foreign llc gives excellent asset protection at about half to third of the price of an offshore grantor trust, Freedom Offshore decided to make available to masses of people a way to have their assets protected and a way for many people to also gain some investing freedom, business freedom and other freedoms that have been gradually lost over the years.

There is a place for having a foreign grantor trust in your asset protection plans if you can afford it. If you use the excellent offshore trust company that we have now located, then having an offshore grantor trust own your foreign llc is a very very strong asset protection structure. But if you want legal tax free investing plus asset protection then you should consider the charitable foundation strategy that is only available through our services.

Below is a post from a forum that Freedom Offshore was a member of that pretty well shows the inner intentions that motivated Freedom Offshore to create this discount offshore services business.

The Forum Post Which Began This Business

"If you will take a few moments and reflect, you will notice that most of the ideas on offshore structures we get are from those who sell them. Of course, they will always try and make it complicated and try and sell us something that makes them money and the most money that they can squeeze out of us. But what if one of us should stumble upon an idea that will provide all of us with a low budget way to protect our assets? It is very possible to discover this if we keep our eyes peeled and looking.... I think I have found a very low cost solution. Right now I can purchase a low cost offshore structure which will protect...."

So out of a desire to find some low cost providers, and furnish the members of this forum with the best possible asset protection solutions, this Freedom Offshore business was born. In order to assure the continued prosperity and functioning of this business, it is imperative that the founders remain very anonymous.

Because of the nature of our business we will respect your privacy and we ask you to respect ours. Why is this necessary? Here is a statement from a US Supreme Court Judge that applies to every citizen in any country of the world because the right to freedom is for everyone and not just for those who (unlike us) are citizens of the United States. US Supreme Court Justice Stevens said: "Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority... It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation-- and their ideas from suppression-- at the hand of an intolerant society." - US Supreme Court Justice Stevens, McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission, 1996.

Client Testimonials About Freedom Offshore Services

I am always cautious of believing in client testimonials that I see on other sites because how do you know those testimonials are not fabricated by the one posting them? So for a long time I did not see the point in posting any on this web site and I preferred instead to just treat our clients right and make sales and so on. But I have decided to place several client testimonials on our site and make contact with these people available to you if you want to prove that the testimonials about Freedom Offshore Services are real.

"Hi, I have purchased an offshore company together with other protection and overseas bank accounts with Freedomoffshore. His service was very professional, product was of good values. I am very happy of doing business with him. Cheers," Wanrou

"As someone who has acquired offshore incorporation services from FreedomOffshore, I am happy to say that the level of expertise and aftersales service has been beyond what I expected for such a realistic price. To this day (some six months after purchase) FreedomOffshore is only too happy to give advice and do research without charge for his client. If you need an offshore structure with a reputable offshore bank, FreedomOffshore is your man. I am speaking as someone who has 15 plus years in the offshore financial services arena and not as a novice. Why pay several thousand dollars when you can get the job done for under one thousand ??" Mike

"I just want to thank username FreedomOffshore of for the good service he gave me when I purchased his LLC package. Besides getting company formation in a very private jurisdiction through a very professional service, I got many bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and precious metals accounts to choose from. The list of free high performing alternative investments he gives with the package is also amazing. I would recommend any of his packages to anyone if the one I bought is representative of the other packages he offers. Sincerely, " Onetouch

contact us at: service at but please replace the word "at" with the @ symbol before sending your email please. Thanks and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

James Bauman Ph.D., Basic Author



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