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Why Consider an Offshore Foreign Grantor Trust

When deciding how to set up a trust for your assets, the question you should ask yourself is this: Should I work with an offshore trust company or should I work with one that is located domestically? It all depends on your view of the legal system in your particular country and if you view your government as kind and benevolent, or if you perceive the legal system and your government getting more and more out of control. If your answer is the last option then a foreign grantor trust is for you.

A foreign grantor trust IS NOT a trust set up by an offshore agent which gives you non-reporting advantages. This is an erroneous definition and you will find hucksters who will try and rope you into their services by defining it that way. A foreign grantor trust is a trust set up by a foreign trustee whom you (the grantor) approached and paid in order to set up a trust that you could transfer your assets to. You are the grantor and your trust and trustee is foreign. This defines what it is and is not.

A foreign grantor trust may be reportable to your government and you will need to check on the laws of your own country. But I have studied the laws for the U.S. citizen and it is definitely reportable and any taxes that are generated by the sale of assets within the trust are also reported on your 1040 since you are the owner of the assets within the trust. So, if this offshore trust is not good for completely tax free investing then what is it good for? It is one of the most important legal offshore asset protection structures there is, and there are many reasons why you should have one of these.

Here are the reasons why you should have a foreign grantor trust: 1) It is legal offshore asset protection that is especially powerful for your currencies, precious metals, stocks, bonds, and offshore investments. 2) You can purchase offshore investments with it that you could not purchase in your own name if you are a resident of the U.S.A. or British Columbia, Canada etc. 3) Certain offshore investments can compound tax free within an offshore trust that could not compound tax free if you could hold them in your own name. 4) 50,000 lawsuits are filed every day in America alone, therefore, our offshore trust provides significant protection against claims in civil litigation.

But the most important reason right now to have a foreign grantor trust is because of the destructive policies of Obama. It is clear that the United States is heading toward exchange controls and possible confiscation of your gold and silver. They did it before to raise capital during FDR when the economy collapsed and they may well do it again. A foreign grantor trust protects your precious metals from forced repatriation since the underlying assets are not controlled by you, so your government can not force you to repatriate to the U.S.A. the gold and silver held by the trust offshore. It is very important for you to have a lot of precious metals stored offshore and to do it immediately.

By having a reputable offshore trust company act as the trustee, you are removing it out of harms way since the attacks will most certainly come from your own country. If anyone wants to attack the assets held by the trust, then they will first of all need a very very good reason, and then they will need to hire a lawyer to fly thousands of miles to a court on a tropical pacific island and work with an attorney there to get your assets. This would cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees etc. and would be very difficult to accomplish with the law firm of the offshore trust company fighting on your behalf.

Your foreign grantor trust intro. kit will cost $495 for the whole package which includes the trust agreement with all the instructions and helps for you to set up the trust in conjunction with the administrator. You will also receive the phone number of the two men who checked out the trust company and one of them is there full time to answer your questions that you will have about the offshore trust company, how to report the trust so you can sleep at night, and questions about offshore trust formation, services, and management that are a part of your offshore trust.

In your package you also get a FREE list of many high performing investments that may help the trustee grow the contribution you make to the foreign grantor trust. We also include a list of about four precious metals accounts so that you can pass this onto the trustee who can then open up offshore precious metals accounts if they decide those are the best offshore trust services for your foreign grantor trust. You will also receive eight offshore bank account options and seven offshore brokerage account options in the offshore trust company introduction package.

To order your foreign grantor trust intro kit package for $495 please contact us now at: service @ and we will give you instructions about how to send us the money to cover the trust package. We will then put you in contact with the people who can assist you and we will also forward to you all the trust forms and contact details so you can connect with this offshore trust company which is located safely in the South Pacific and is the best one for offshore trust formation services.



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