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High yield investments are often sought after by those with little money who want to play "catch up" because they do not have the amount of money to get a decent return from less risky and lower yielding ones like the wealthy do. So not knowing there are real programs that give huge returns they play around with several hundred dollars and lose it all.

These people often fall for scams run by unscrupulous people who run ponzi schemes (called hyips) which pay out tremendous sums only to attract more and more money. Then some day soon the investor's money is gone and their freedom is weakened by their losses in many of these since these people are often involved in not just one, but many of these schemes.

These so called HYIPS sometimes have real traders but are also unregulated and often one or two people are in charge of the program. So if the program manager is not dishonest from the start, he will most certainly succumb to the temptation to take the money and run WHEN the losses occur from the high risk trading that is done by the traders. Sometimes the traders themselves steal the money if everything is not set up correctly. Half the time things are not set up properly.

Only about 10% of these high yield trading (hyip) programs will last for any amount of time. In the other 90% your money will be soon lost. I know, I speak from having known people involved in these whose finances were ruined. I know from one person who invested in about 30 of these that after two years only four were still left and a couple of those had potential problems.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Freedom Offshore Services includes a FREE list of real high performing investments with every offshore asset protection package that is offered. The high yield investments in this list took several years to find and compile. Many of them will be overseas to your own country of citizenship. The risks associated with the ponzis (hyip scams) and the private "real ones" is eliminated and only the risks associated with normal high risk investments remain. **

In this FREE list some people will find high yield investments that you could not purchase if you were not using the offshore structures that Freedom Offshore makes available to you. The reason for this is because citizens of some countries are restricted from buying these in their own name. But they can do so through the freedom of an offshore structure that they use as a passive investment holding structure. **

There are other investments which are located at brokerages around the world and the return on these are beyond belief. In our FREE list are some that have gotten 200% in a twelve month period and there is one that involves a forex trader who consistently makes 10% a month in one of his managed trading accounts in which the money can not be stolen. In fact in the list there are several traders or companies who make about 100% per year in the accounts in which they trade the forex, options or commodities markets and they make these returns regardless of what the stock market is doing. **

We make no commission off of any investments in this FREE list. It is free information for those who get any of our select packages. We do not offer any personal investment advice because everyone receives from us the same information in the FREE list and we do not respond to any requests for individual investment advice and thus stay within legal guidelines. **

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** This is not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities. See our legal page by clicking on disclaimer below.



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