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Almost Instant Second Passport Program - Some A Little Longer

If you need a second passport quickly then we have a few genuine programs for you. You can get a real passport complete with Cedula (national I.D. card) and all are obtained through government departments and everything is registered in the right computer data bases. Some of these are excellent deals for visa free travel because they are respected passports. We even have several legal economic citizenship and instant passport programs available for those who do not mind spending some money securing their freedom.

But of all the connections that we have for different second citizenship programs, some of these below are dangerous programs for the closest you can get to an instant second passport program. You can always check the laws of your country before attempting to contact the facilitators of any good programs we point out to you in our inexpensive passport introduction package.

If you want to spend time instead of money and you do not really need a quick passport program, then I recommend that you get the information in our 2nd Passport And 2nd Residencies package that will show you how to get one for only a couple hundred dollars and requires living in an eternal spring time paradise for several years or more before the pp is issued. During this time you will be learning Spanish if you decide to pay for the lessons.

Within our package we can give you information about who to contact for Internet business training for mobility in the world. As of right now, you can work on a second passport program and obtain dual nationality and a second foreign passport for a relative small contribution that you make to the country. This contribution can consist of medicine, diapers, books, or you could even teach English there to get your second foreign passport.

There are other ways to spend time instead of money in getting a second residency and a second passport. One of the programs discussed in our second passports and second residencies introduction package has been operating for many years now and has attracted many new citizens and passport holders. Only good reports have come to us about it. It is the best value for a spend time instead of money on an almost instant second passport program on the market today.

Time already has proven it to be a hassle free program for those in countries that have laws which permit their citizens to have it. No matter what reasons you have for seeking dual citizenship, you will not find a better deal on the fast second passport market today. Please read the details in our inexpensive 2nd Passports and 2nd Residencies Package about this fast citizenship program.

Almost Instant Second Passport Details

Listed in some places on our website are legal and viable options for alternative citizenship and 2nd passports and a new economic citizenship program has been approved by its parliament but they have not yet determined the required investment amounts so stay tuned please for breaking news about these programs. Furthermore, we could not list the names of the programs because even though they are legal, they still can be leaned on by "gestapo powers" in the world who would like to restrict freedoms.

In full disclosure, many of the world's 200+ nation states are constantly changing their respective immigration and/or nationality laws, often from year to year, so information you receive on other websites promoting second passports and second residencies might be outdated by the next year, or even earlier. So please check back with us again monthly and stay away from those who are promoting instant Mexico second passport programs. Please learn more below about it below. What they are saying about the Mexican passport program is false. - - - Find many programs below that you should think about avoiding. - - -

Mexico Second Passport Program Through Mexican Secretariat To Avoid

This is what SOME are falsely saying: "Mexican citizenship is brokered through our immigration law firm in Mexico City and is processed through the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE). The entire Mexican citizenship program can be completed in just three months and requires no travel to Mexico. The cost is just $70,000 for the main applicant, $50,000 for a spouse, and just $50,000 per child under 18." Some are saying you will have to travel to Mexico but they are not telling you the whole story. Beware of a firm selling these that has openly bragged on a video that no one has ever gotten a Mexican passport through them.

Here is the true story about the second passport program in Mexico: "The Mexican SRE (Foreign Affairs) is far more selective nowadays, therefore Mexican citizenship is only on a case by case basis. The best we can do is setup your formal sit-down with the Mexican SRE in Mexico City and the Attorney of Immigration. Then it's up to the client and the SRE Minister herself as to what citizenship offer might be on the table. That being said, she only meets with "accredited investors", i.e. ONE MILLION DOLLARS in assets, so we will have to verify an applicant's bank statements/income statements, etc. prior to scheduling the sit-down in Mexico City."

First Second Passport Program To Stay Away From

The program in this country can be completed in just 6-9 months with our government-licensed lead agent on the island, who is the most efficient and professional in the business. And as of early 2015, the process no longer requires a mandatory citizenship interview allowing the program to be completed with no travel whatsoever.

The total cost for this citizenship + passport for one applicant is as follows (additional costs for families and dependents):

Required government donation of $100,000 or else minimum real estate purchase of $200,000 + $30,000 legal and services fees + $7,500 due diligence fees + $4,950 total government application and passport processing fees = world class citizenship and visa-free travel to the EU and UK starting at just over $142,000!

Second 2nd Passport Program To Stay Away From

This program has long been a choice for those seeking privacy with their citizenship and great travel and banking benefits. The citizenship process can be completed in just 6-9 months and does not require a visit to the islands.

There are two options for you to obtain citizenship in this country:

One option is to purchase real estate in the amount of at least $400,000 (single applicant or family), which you are required to own for a five year period of time to retain citizenship permanently. After adding legal & professional fees ($35,000), due diligence fees ($7,500+), government application fees ($50,000+), biometric passport issuance fees ($550 per passport), etc., the total cost of this program ranges from approximately $493,000 for one applicant to over $600,000, depending upon the number and ages of applicants and dependents, inclusive of the $400,000 real estate investment.

There is also the option of contributing $250,000 as a single applicant, up to $450,000 for larger families, to a certain agency in this country, without the requirement to purchase real estate. After adding legal & professional fees ($35,000), due diligence fees ($7,500+), biometric passport issuance fees ($550 per passport), etc., the total cost of the SIDF contribution program ranges from approximately $293,000 for one applicant to over $500,000, depending on the number and ages of applicants and dependents. The special contribution is not an investment, as the real estate option is, and the donation is non-refundable upon completion of the application process.

Third Second Passport Program To Avoid

This particular residency and citizenship program is very low cost and you have to go through only a 24-month naturalization process requiring either one or two visits to the capital city to complete (the 2nd visit can be waived on a case by case basis).

The total cost for this citizenship is $27,000 per adult applicant, with 50% due as a down payment for the residency (or investor) visa processing. The remaining 50% is due following the 24-month residency process and upon issuance of citizenship.

Fourth Second Passport Program To Avoid

This lower cost citizenship program is processed under the country's Special Missions Program, which are a series of anti-poverty and social welfare programs that also encourage economic immigration to the country. The entire process can be completed in just 2-3 months and requires only one 2-week visit to the capital city to be fingerprinted and photographed by the police in person. 45-90 days after the one required visit to the capital city, a client's citizenship documents and the passport will be issued.

The cost for this citizenship starts at just $100,000 per applicant.

Fifth Second Passport Program To Avoid

We can now also broker citizenship in this special country through the country's brand new "Citizenship by Investment Program which opened its doors in 2013.

The economic citizenship program was modeled after the programs in S.K. and N. so its price structure is virtually identical to theirs, i.e. required real estate investment of at least $400,000 in the country or else a donation to the Country Development Fund of $200,000.

Sixth Second Passport Program (EU) To Avoid

The so called immigration lawyers in the capital city can process your citizenship in this country following 12-months of in-country residency if you are willing to make the following investments in this country:

• A contribution to the Country Development and People Fund - Main Applicant: €650,000 - Spouse: €25,000 - Each child below the age of 18: €25,000 - Each unmarried child between the age of 18 and 25: €50,000 - Each dependent parent above the age of 55: €50,000

• A commitment to retain a residence in this country for which the minimum value must exceed €350,000 and to maintain this property for a period of at least five years.

• A commitment to invest €150,000 in stocks, bonds, debentures, special purpose vehicles or other instruments as identified by a special agency in this country and to maintain this investment for a minimum period of five years.

• Proof of residence in this country for a period of 12 months prior to the grant of the certificate of naturalization.

Due diligence fees for the citizenship are €7,500 for the main applicant, €5,000 for a spouse, €3,000 for each unmarried child aged between the ages of 13 and 18, €5,000 for each unmarried dependent child aged between 18 and 26, and €5,000 for each dependent parent aged 55 or over. Professional fees are quoted on a case by case basis depending on the number of dependents included in your application.

Seventh Second Passport Program (EU) To Avoid

The so called immigration lawyers in the capital city can process your expedited citizenship in this country in just 4-6 months if you are willing to make the following investment in this country (updated as of summer 2015):

Mixed investments and/or donation to this country's state fund:

Applicant must invest at least €2,500,000 in this country's investment company and/or local real estate and/or the government funding vehicle(s) plus approximately €500,000 in associated fees = approximately €3,000,000 per investor or family (some exceptions apply).

Contact us now to learn more about the different passport programs we offer and to purchase the cheap 2nd Residencies and 2nd Passport Package by using the email address at the bottom of this page and give us the special password that one of our partners gave to you. If you do not have a special password from one of our partners then ask us for one by email if you want to obtain the special discount on the cost of the 2nd Residencies and 2nd Passport Package for our cheap second passport programs.

In our passport service introduction package we also give an introduction to one of the leading service firms for international immigration and citizenship law. This squeaky clean firm can give you advice on all aspects of current residency and citizenship laws in whatever nation you want to obtain a dual citizenship and passport from. They even have a couple of instant passport programs available. So coming in contact with this firm is a very valuable part of your instant second passport programs and other kinds of programs package.

To get an overview of the other second passport programs we offer please click here and you will be directed to other second citizenship possibilities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions at all about how to get an almost instant second passport and dual citizenship in the tropical paradise described elsewhere then contact us here: service at but please replace the word "at" with the @ symbol in the email address above so the address will work. Please use the help desk function on this web site to contact us if it is working. Email is becoming increasingly unreliable so that is why we ask this.


In many of the programs above you will read "we" or "our" concerning those who offer the program. Those are the people we introduce you to through our PP introduction package. Freedom Offshore Services does not sell Passport Programs or Second Residency Programs. We only sell an information package and nothing more. We do not get compensated for any of the programs you may choose to participate in.

The almost instant second passports described on this page are not "gray area" passports but could still be considered illegal in some countries like North Korea etc. You need to be proactive and check the laws of your country before you decide to purchase any program. Therefore, we can not be held responsible for what happens in the future either to you for your use of it or to the passport itself. Although the programs talked about on our website have proven to be real and nothing but good reports have come in about them for years now from those who have gotten involved, we do not know what the future holds for these kinds of passports.

So if you purchase the introduction package from us you must know that we claim no responsibility and you agree to bear all the responsibility for your decision to purchase it. We recommend that if you can afford the more expensive programs, then you should consider them first. Then and only then you should consider purchasing other choices. If you need a cheap, and easy and quick second passport and it can save your liberty, then it may be the right kind of "freedom insurance" for you.

So you be the judge as you keep in mind the laws of your country !!! If you are from a country with laws about obtaining second passports or second residencies, then we do caution you to proceed with care. Some passports THAT OTHERS SELL on other websites could be illegal for you and could be considered a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that could be on the law books in your country of present citizenship.

Warning: We do not do business with citizens or residents of those countries on the U.S. State Department's list which harbor terrorists or terrorist training camps. We will not allow our service which is meant to help government oppressed people guarantee their financial privacy and freedom to fall into the wrong hands and be used to further the aims of terrorists who want to bring harm to innocent people. Therefore, we have no choice but to steer clear of all people who could possibly be wanting to move abroad to fulfill their terrorist goals.

The programs described on this page that we recommend as educational information are not black listed or gray area type passport programs, but nevertheless they could still be looked at as being illegal in some nations like North Korea etc. You need to conduct due diligence and look at the laws of your own country prior to making a decision to get involved in any program. So, we can't be held responsible for your choices regarding any of the programs. Even though the various economic citizenship country programs discussed on this website have proven themselves and only good news from those involved in them has come to our ears for many years now, we have no certainty in writing about what the future will bring for the many programs on our website.

Therefore, if you decide to buy the second residency and second passports introduction pkg. from us, you must realize that we have no legal responsibility to force you to decide for one program over another, and you agree to bear all the responsibility for your choice to buy a particular program. We encourage you to consider purchasing the more expensive programs, if you can afford one. Only if you can not afford the more expensive choices, you should consider a less costly program. If you need to purchase a cheaper and faster 2nd citizenship and passport program and it can rescue your freedom, then that could very well be the correct "freedom insurance" for you and yours.

Therefore, you are the judge and jury as you search for and follow the laws of your country! If you are a citizen of a country that has laws against procuring 2nd passports or 2nd residencies, then please think twice about moving forward with any program. Furthermore, many passports that some hucksters sell on their websites are in fact illegal for anyone to purchase, and those that others sell could be looked at as being a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that may be hidden in the legal paperwork of your country of residency and citizenship.



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