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International wire transfer services are not all the same. Only three that we know of will keep your information private when you transfer money overseas. The others may give your wire details to greedy lawyers who may ask for them if they suspect you send money internationally. Therefore, your privacy is stripped from you and your freedom to privately and freely wire money internationally is taken from you when the other services betray your information to aggressive lawyers who would try to destroy you.

Sending money overseas via our international wire transfer service assures that your act of sending money abroad remains private and confidential. You can wire money overseas and not worry that those transfers will be tracked and traced to you. If you want to transfer money abroad and utilize our service then you will get the private international money wire service that you paid for. But why do people want to do private international wire transfers?

Some people want to transfer money abroad to their offshore bank account and want to do this so that their international money wire is not traceable back to them. This is understandable if the court system you are living under is out of control and "they" are grasping for all the money they can get from you. An untraceable international wire transfer for this purpose will assure that your information remains private and thus gives you the very best in international offshore asset protection and freedom.

If you are setting up a foreign llc or an international business company (ibc) or you are contributing to a charitable foundation offshore, then you want to send money abroad privately. It is your business and no one else needs to know about it, except your government of course if you have legal reporting requirements, therefore, our international wire transfer service is the best way to privately wire money overseas. Stop worrying about sending money overseas when our partners who have this service can wire money internationally in privacy for you without you needing to spend more than you have to in order to accomplish this.

For the price of only $249 we introduce you to an international wire transfer service so that you can transfer money abroad safely, privately, and with ease. Some services will charge you 10% for sending money abroad privately. But after you pay the one time fee of only $249 you will be able to do many private international wire transfers and the only fees that you will have to pay each time you transfer money overseas is the lower receiving fee and the small wire fees. So sending money internationally does not have to be too expensive. Even if you use one of our best services that charge 4%, you are still getting a good deal because of the privacy involved.

Stop relying on risky and illegal methods for international wire transfer privacy like a ghost bank account. These were part of a Nigerian scam operation some time ago, and people lost their money in these. So if you are searching for ghost bank accounts save your time and money and use our services for maximum privacy. We do not introduce you to ghost banking or any type of such illegal operation that turns out to be a scam. All the services we introduce you to have been in business for quite some time, but many people do not know about their private wire transfer services as these are not advertised to the public. I am sure you can understand why. But let us take a look at the fees now.

Example of Fees Using Our Private International Wire Transfer Services

If a person sent dollars and exchanged them for Swiss Francs here is the cost percentage wise in and out. This example is using a transfer of $9,000 to judge the cost in and the cost out for this transfer.

Transfer fee is USD $ 20.00 for a wire value of USD $9,000 which places USD $8,980 in your destination account. As you can see the cost is very low and they do not gouge you with high prices.

Another service you will obtain in our package has a commission of 2.5% on wire conversions of less than $10,000 USD. If they were converting USD to CHF in the amount of $9,000 you would get 1.09792 CHF for every USD or 9,882 CHF total. This rate assumes you will receive the CHF via bank wire. The international wire fee is $30 and the domestic wire fee is $15. They cannot lock in exchange rates until They have the funds in their possession.

For conversions of $10,000 - $50,000 the commission is generally 2% of the total amount wired.

For conversions of $50,000 and higher the commission is generally 1% of the total amount wired.

These commissions are subject to change but these are the general amounts. As you can see privacy does not have to be expensive. These services are low cost.

If you want to transfer money overseas with Freedom Offshore's international wire transfer service partners then contact us at: service @ and we will give you instructions on how to send money abroad privately and inexpensively.

Warning: We do not do business with citzens or residents of those countries on the U.S. State Department's list which harbor terrorists or terrorist training camps. We will not allow our service, which is meant to help oppressed people guarantee their asset protection, to fall into the wrong hands. We also do not do business with those who are involved with dirty money laundering, arms sales or transport, and human or drug trafficking and sales. Those who are involved in these things are prohibited from using our partners who provide these services. You will not be helped.



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