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Gareth Vaughan in an article he did claims that Freedom Offshore is one of the "entities peddling unregulated NZ offshore finance companies to the world...." but he fails to realize that we have never sold a NZ offshore finance company. The text you see below attracts those who are looking for a New Zealand offshore finance company so that we can introduce these searchers to a SOLID jurisdiction where they can set up a real good financial services company. Therefore, people on the Internet should not make accusations about entities like us unless they are sure beyond a shadow of a doubt concerning what they claim. Hope this clears things up. So when you read the text below please know that we are not selling the New Zealand offshore finance company and we have something better available.

The New Zealand offshore finance company ( NZOFC ) often called a New Zealand finance company ( NZFC ) or a New Zealand offshore financial services company ( NZOFSC ) provides alternative banking services to both worldwide corporations and also to individuals. The legislation says there are no limitations on the amounts that can be on deposit or the number of currencies that can be offered to depositors or the number of clients that the offshore finance company can have. Although the word "bank" can not be included in the name of the New Zealand OFC, it can function in a very similar way to a fully licensed bank. It is an alternative banking model and can use alternative banking channels! If you want to use one for your own alternative banking needs we can point you to the best one that has been established for some time now.

Services of an NZOFC or NZFC are NOT LIMITED to the following but include these activities:

As an added bonus for you we include in our package the same free list of investments that is included in our Belize IBC package and our foreign offshore LLC package so that you may have the best alternative investments available to manage for your clients who have money on deposit with your bank. Fund management is something you can legally accomplish with the NZOFC and with the right investments you can attract thousands of clients to your own alternative banking system.

There are no capital reserve requirements imposed on the company by New Zealand legislation. The shareholders and directors can be resident anywhere and can be of any nationality. The NZOFC is not under any kind of supervision by a Central Bank. It provides the best alternative banking model. Moreover, you are not scrutinized by the Government of New Zealand as long as you do not admit any New Zealanders as clients of your offshore financial services company or you do not have a New Zealand bank account for your alternative banking channels.

Through our services you are taught the necessary steps to set up your alternative bank so that no non-resident withholding tax can be deducted at the source. You will not even need to pay the small 2% levy that you would have to pay if you had a New Zealand bank account or New Zealand customers. We give you the knowledge and tools to legally avoid all taxes because using the contacts and accounts we supply everything financial will be done outside of New Zealand and through alternative banking, and like most countries, NZ does not levy taxes on worldwide income. So we assure that the buyers of our New Zealand Offshore Finance Company ( NZOFC ) get the most monetary freedom possible. You may want to use a Foundation or a Panama Transaction Processing Company to operate the non-New Zealand offshore accounts. These do the banking functions under license from the Panama government and on behalf of the New Zealand offshore financial services Company.

If you have come across other structures such as the Panama financial services company or the Swedish credit union, you need to realize that the New Zealand offshore finance services company is much superior to both the Panamanian FSC and superior to the Swedish CU. While the Panamanian FSC is usable for exchangers and for those creating an ecurrency, it does not have anywhere near the power of the NZOFSC because the NZOFSC has all the powers of an offshore bank, whereas the PFSC is a lot more limited. With the NZOFSC you can take deposits from the public and make loans, just like a bank does. While the Swedish Credit Union also allows this it is limited to only 1000 customers. But the New Zealand Offshore Financial Services company is unlimited in the amount of customers it can have. But if you want the PFSC or the SCU we can help you obtain one of those structures also very inexpensively. Again, if you are looking for one for your own alternative banking needs that is already set up, we can point you to the very best one.



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