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Why a personal account is not safe !!!

Offshore bank accounts are sought after by people who desire to gain privacy and asset protection. But many who set these up feel that the asset protection gained by opening one up in their own name is good enough without having it opened in the name of an overseas structure such as a company or trust or foundation. They instead try and keep their personal account secret and later worry that their government will find out about it.

You need to realize that a naked offshore bank account is not a safe asset protection situation. If you keep it secret this will most certainly be found out because of the advance surveillance techniques that are now in place to strip you of all privacy. Also, if you have it in a personal name, then a court order can force you to repatriate the money and you can lose it all.

What is the solution? Set up your strategy through a low cost asset protection structure that Freedom Offshore can provide you with. This will give you the peace of mind and protection that even the middle class person with a small nest egg can afford to have.

You can get up to seven offshore bank accounts and introductions for FREE if you purchase an asset protection structure through our services. Furthermore, we give you FREE introductions to other strategies that will also help you protect your wealth. Get your overseas corporate freedom package to protect your freedom and financial life now. Click here.

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