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Offshore banking is an arena that most people shy away from because they have wrong ideas about it being shady and they are scared that the tax authorities might pay them a visit if they have one. Furthermore, they do not know where to go to get an offshore bank account that is right for them. They find a few banks on the web only to contact them via email and get no response from the bank.

That is why you need an offshore banking introduction since the introducer will know which banks accept clients from the more difficult countries and which banks would rather do business with someone who has been referred to them by a bank introducer who knows how to place the potential client in contact with the bank. Many offshore banks do not like to do business with a stranger or clients from certain more difficult countries who contact them out of no where and have no connection with anyone familiar with the bank.

But many bank introduction services charge anywhere from $800, which includes processing the bank applications for you, to $400 where the introducer functions as an intermediary who introduces you to an offshore bank where you can open an account. All of this is much too expensive for the client. The answer is below:

Freedom Offshore's Discount

Bank Introduction Service.

Our Offshore Banking Introductions generally cost $299:00 and we can introduce you to seven banks. Others charge 5 x $400 = $2000 for something similar but benefits you little when compared to the cost. We help you decide which bank or banks are right for you. Many have gained an offshore bank account in a very very private jurisidiction through our discount service. You can find purchasing instructions here.

To get a Free Bank Introduction you need to purchase one of our asset protection packages and you can find one here. Included in your purchase will not only be a free introduction to seven private banks, but also an introduction to six brokerage accounts and four precious metals accounts. From these you can decide which accounts are right for you and which ones fit your particular views and financial situation. We help you if you run into problems setting up your accounts by contacting the bank on your behalf to help smooth out the process.

I invite you to make a search on the internet and you will not find any bank account introduction service that can beat the privacy quality of the banks we provide for you and also the price we charge in introducting them to you. I am confident that after price shopping you will be back to us so we can help you with your offshore banking needs. But to save you time we ask that you would purchase from us now so you do not lose your way back here. Click on the Belize ibc package button on the left menu now or click here for a look at our offshore foreign llc formation package.



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