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Offshore Banking Made Easy

Offshore banking in the post 911 world we live in is no longer easy if you are going to attempt it on your own. Many banks shy away from opening accounts for citizens of certain western countries and also make it extremely difficult by requiring high minimum deposits, tons of paperwork, and certified official copies of required identification.

Some banks require expensive apostillation of all the documents required to open the account and some will only open an account if the person personally appears before an officer of the bank in the country in which the account is to be opened. Do you really have the time to do this kind of offshore banking or would you like a solution to this problem and get low minimum deposit requirements from a solid bank?

Obviously, if you would attempt your own offshore banking research it would take you weeks and sometimes months to finally narrow down a bank that is right for your situation. If you search in certain continents and particular parts of the world you will be spinning your wheels because most of the banks are under the same stringent regulations.

In addition, many banks like to have a new client introduced by someone qualified and knowledgeable and who functions as an introducer of the potential client. This is especially important for those banks who have the customs and culture of relationship banking since the client is not just a number, but a person who needs a tailored offshore banking solution.

Furthermore, the searcher for an overseas bank account is often raped by high priced introducers who charge anywhere from $399 to $800 for a range of "offshore banking" introduction services which cover anything from functioning as just an introducer to handling all the paperwork involved. And these prices are just for one single bank account. Is it worth it?

Enter: Freedom Offshore Service's discount offshore banking made easy introduction service. We are sick and tired of seeing people raped by so called "offshore banking" specialists who charge very high prices for their work and we want to cater to the low net worth client as well as to the high net worth client since both deserve asset protection offshore and freedom in a world that is increasingly losing its priceless liberties.

We introduce you to approx. seven different banks and answer your questions about them so you can decide on the offshore banking made easy solution that is right for you. The price we charge is an affordable $295 inclusive but we also have a FREE introduction service for those who qualify for that special deal. To find out how to get the low cost or FREE bank account introduction services which includes up to seven offshore bank accounts then contact us immediately at our email address: service @


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