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How to retire anywhere through sports investing online

Offshore betting is often thought of as gambling offshore and for many people this is true. But to my amazement I discovered the systems and tools to utilize legal sports investing online in the same way as successful day traders get profits from the stock market or the forex market and with less risk provided you follow the rules and do not get impatient or greedy. But it is so easy to learn and enjoyable too with real systems and good picks.

I was first introduced to offshore betting through a system that showed it was possible to make steady and consistent profits in the sports books. I was amazed because prior to that I thought that sports betting was just like going to the casino. I thought it ALL was just offshore gambling and I would finally lose everything no matter how hard I tried to win. I used to think it was all evil and did not realize you could win steadily through a sports investing system online.

But the system I was first introduced to would make profits for awhile and then the last bet in the system would blow out all previous earnings. I also discovered that mathematically it would ultimately fail over time. But being the kind of person who loves to investigate and research I continued to look for an offshore betting system that would actually make long term compounded profits year after year and was a legal sports betting online investment system.

I finally met someone who testified that he was able to turn a $1,000 sports book account into $5,000 in one year and he explained how he did it. He was not selling the system so it was believable. I also found another person who said he was making 8% to 15% per month betting offshore and he did it through a system very similar to the one the other person was using. He was not selling his offshore betting investment system either which made it believable. You can find the systems in the ebook that I make available in my package.

So finally after discovering a couple of offshore betting systems that worked, I also discovered that compounded profits could be made in the sports books. Furthermore, I also found out that I needed to battle against the emotions of greed and impatience, otherwise I could end up gambling it all away. But it is safe and easy to do if you are disciplined, and follow the rules of the system. If you follow our sports betting investment system you will not be gambling offshore recklessly, but you will be making steady profits instead.

With the stock market in the toilet and with forex difficult for the average person my offshore betting investment system will help anyone make compounded returns of 8% to 12% per month safely. BUT you must stay disciplined, manage your money wisely and follow the rules for using our sports betting investment system. You must kill impatience and greed if they raise their ugly heads. Do not let them master you or you will be gambling just like people did on Wall Street.

How much is 10% compounded monthly over a period of five years if you start with $1,000 in your sports book? Answer = $304,481.64 But before you get to this stage you will be taking money out of your accounts and removing it via an ATM machine for your supplemental retirement income plan. In just three years you could have a retirement income using this offshore betting investment system and this income could support you in another affordable country.

Your Supplemental Retirement Income Plan

On the other hand if you fund your sports books with $20,000 right away you could have enough to make a nice offshore retirement income for yourself if you choose a country that does not cost much to live in. A list that we will give to you in your package describes those that you can live in for $1,000 per month. So you only need to make 5% monthly via our offshore betting system if you start with $20,000 spread out in your four sports book accounts.

But how much would the information to make this kind of money be worth? $97 or $199 ? How much would a offshore betting investment system be worth that would allow you to turn $1,000 into one third of a million dollars in just five years? Click here to get the best offshore sports betting investment systems and support for your new sports betting investment system online adventure.

If you would like to start out smaller, then I recommend that you get the best ebook of sports betting systems available. When I first saw this person's web site I thought it would be another scam. But after reading his systems over and over again and trying a couple I knew they were real. I also found some people on the net who confirmed they tried his systems and they were valuable in making money consistently provided they kept disciplined and controlled impatience and greed.

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Disclaimer: The information available here is for recreational purposes only and not intended to violate any national, state, local, or federal laws. There is a lot of negative propoganda directed to U.S. people about offshore betting and that is why many mistakenly think it is evil. But people from the U.S. need to know that there is no federal law against legal gambling online or that prohibits them from offshore betting. The propoganda would like you to think so. But for some there are state laws about gambling offshore and you should check those before you consider opening accounts with offshore sports books. The laws may have changed before you read this so please check the laws on your own to make sure you are in compliance.

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