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Offshore Financial Services

Offshore financial services include a whole range of various services and products that Freedom Offshore makes available to you at a discount. We specialize in bringing to you the best and the least expensive options so that even those who have a modest amount of capital to work with can benefit. You will not find a better choice and price available anywhere else.

Our FREE or discount offshore banking introductions will allow you to open up either an offshore bank account for your company or if you prefer an individual account option is available also. However, we do not recommend that you open up an account in your own name, since a personal account is not the safest option for asset protection purposes.

If you want an offshore brokerage account or international precious metals account we can provide an introduction also for FREE or a discount rate depending on which option is best for your situation. But of course we like the safety of having your accounts opened in the name of the discount international company you have set up through Freedom Offshore's financial services.

Our offshore company formations such as our offshore limited liability company ( llc ) or international business company ( ibc ) packages give you the most private and affordable offshore asset protection choices complete with FREE offshore bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and international precious metals account introductions. You also get a FREE list of high yield investments with each package that is offered.

One of the most unique offshore financial services that we offer is the portable retirement plans introduction service. These plans are for those who work outside of their home country and need an excellent way to save tax free for their retirement years. This is an excellent offshore asset protection and wealth building vehicle and very few people know about it. Ask us more about this. These plans are excellent for PTs.

We also offer discount second passport programs for those who want to protect their life and liberty and their property through the strategy of a second foreign passport. This is essential for those who want to secure their freedom of mobility and financial freedom since the western powers are making it more difficult for the privacy and financial freedom of their citizens. Thus we have added this option to our offshore financial services.

If you desire to have us find you another option that is not listed on our web site please ask since we can also introduce you to providers that provide Swiss annuities, offshore insurance wrap structuring, anonymous wire services, and many others. So if you are looking for other offshore financial services just ask and we can point you in the right direction since our contacts and knowledge are extensive.


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