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The EMERALD offshore forex managed account

Using seven currency pairs this managed account program is considered a low risk medium trader. This program trades in mostly the USA and Asian markets and the Expert Advisor used (EA) adapts to market conditions as it trades and uses a new algorithm technique that is especially designed for market timing. It is considered one of the safest managed account programs that you could ever find since you are given a six month guarantee of the principal you place within this offshore forex managed account program. The program trades in USD and the risk tolerance is low and the anticipated return each month is 4% - 9% monthly profits.

The GOLD offshore managed forex account program

Utilizing the hedging of up to 8 currency pairs to produce profits. This expert advisor (EA) typically produces profits on each pair trade closure timing algorithm. This EA offshore forex managed account program trades all markets and is always in the market. It is quite secure having a risk tolerance that is low to medium as it produces anticipated returns of 6% to14% monthly.

The PLATINUM offshore forex managed account

Utilizing three EAs to produce profits daily this EA is a heavy trader but significant multiple daily trade winner as well. Stop loss limits placed on each trade ultimately limites the downside and normally no red news trading is done. 20% drawdowns can happen at times but the rewards are much more significant. This EA usually is trading only 4 days out of the week. There is a six month minimum commitment to participate in this program. This program trades with a base currency of Euro and the risk tolerance is medium to high with an anticipated return of 12% to 21% monthly. This offshore forex managed account program is a higher risk trading venture.

Each of our offshore managed forex account programs integrate both automated trading EAs (usually 80%-90% of the trading) and manual intervention (10%-20% of the trading) in order to capture maximum profits. All of our managed account programs use proprietary expert advisors (EAs) and algorithms. No martingaling, or exotic unproved trading methods are used. Volatility based money management algorithms are used for news and highly volatile markets. Hedging and multiple stops strategies are an essential ingredient in all of our offshore forex managed account programs.

All of our offshore forex managed accounts allow investors to participate at the ultimate level of forex trading and focused on long term profitability. All of our offshore managed forex accounts are monitored 24 hours a day during market hours. We do not offer the service of managing client accounts traded on other forex brokers because of the manipulation we know other forex brokers engage in and we know our platform provides the very best probability for superior profits anywhere. We tap into the top 15 FX Banks, large FCM's and prime brokers in order to facilitate our EAs with real time price feeds. The aggregation system results in the lowest quote for buy, and highest quote for sell thus providing the tightest spreads and best price action. The spreads are often consistenly as low as a single pip. The performance that is achieved at this best forex broker used by our offshore forex managed account programs is in our opinion the result of the most successful ECN MT4 Bridges available on the forex market and there is nothing at other brokerages that can compare to this. All of our offshore managed forex accounts are operated under an LPOA ( Limited Power of Attorney Agreement).

Disclaimer: None of the above programs are managed or owned by Freedom Offshore Services. We are not an introducing broker for them so we make no commission should you choose to become involved with them, therefore, the above can not be understood as an investment offer but only as an example of what is possible in offshore alternative investing. We do not consider the above to be a solicitation or advertisement of any kind. There are risks involved with forex investing and you must understand that you could lose a substantial part of your capital invested in any forex program. Unexpected things can happen so be aware of this before investing in an offshore forex managed account. Nothing contained herein should be construed as legal, tax and/or accounting advice. We don't sell investments. We're not brokers, money managers, or financial advisors. Any action taken in regards to the information contained in this message, our products or our services should be undertaken only upon the advice and counsel of a trained legal and/or accounting professional. Freedom Offshore Services, and its partners, editors, and affiliates, ONLY offer asset protection products and services and we pass along wealth-enhancement ideas, and financial education. We are not liable for any loss you incur that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase of our asset protection products and services and your entry into the offshore forex managed account programs. This disclaimer is required by the laws of some countries.



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