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Which One Has The Best Offshore Trust Services?

Choosing the right offshore trust company for your foreign grantor trust formation is the most important first decision that you can make. Because, if you choose one that is new or one that does not care about providing you the best offshore trust services possible then you will never have the peace of mind that your assets are being managed correctly. Not all offshore trust companies are the same and they need to be checked out.

The particular offshore trust company we have chosen was thoroughly checked out by two men from the United States (we can put you in contact with them) who have had years of experience with the foreign grantor trust. After working with another offshore trust company for ten years and finding out that relationship was ending, they started to make a fine tooth comb analysis of many offshore trust companies around the world.

When they located one that they felt would provide the most dependable offshore trust services, they flew by airplane to the office that the foreign grantor trusts would be formed from, and the country it would be domiciled in, and spent a day or two checking out the details of the company and asking all the right questions. After being thoroughly satisfied, they chose the one that they knew would provide their clients with the best offshore trust services. This one was the best of all the offshore trust companies examined.

Another reason why I believe this is the best offshore trust company is because the offices of this organization, including the head office, are not in jurisdictions that are easily leaned on by both the U.S. and England who carry out some of the worst assaults on personal privacy and individual freedom. The head office is in Asia which is known for its privacy mind set and all the other offices are scattered around the world in places known for their strong asset protection laws. It's the best for a foreign grantor trust.

This offshore trust company is over twenty years old and has professional expertise like lawyers, foreign grantor trust and offshore company administrators, accountants and fiduciaries. Their specialised expertise allows them to provide customised corporate and offshore trust services, also fund administration management, and offshore trust account services to private individuals, institutions, and professional advisers and their clients.

With offices and/or contacts in all the major offshore jurisdictions and key business centers, it is a one-stop offshore trust company service provider that is secure, cost effective, confidential, and internationally compliant. It has the advantages of local knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide you with flexibility, control and the convenience of combining all your service requirements under one group umbrella.

The next decision you can make is to have this offshore trust company set up for you a foreign grantor trust. So for just $495 you will get an introduction kit which includes the trust agreement package with all the instructions on how the trust is set up and is managed. You will also receive the phone number of one of the men who checked out the offshore trust services company and he is in his office almost full time to answer every question that you may have about setting up and working with the foreign grantor trust. This "counseling service" is FREE, but it alone is worth a lot of money.

In your $495 introduction package you will also get all the forms and documents you need to send to the offshore trust company who will charge you $2,000 to set up the foreign grantor trust. They then will bill you $2,000 each year after that for admin fees which is very reasonable for the caliber of this offshore trust company and also very reasonable for what you get if you have substantial assets to protect that will justify these fees. So if you have assets worth $50,000 on up then I would think this package is for you, especially when you get a FREE list of very high yield investments in it.

In your package you also get a FREE list of many high performing investments that may help the trustee grow the contribution you make to the foreign grantor trust. We also include a list of about four precious metals accounts so that you can pass this onto the trustee who can then open up offshore precious metals accounts if they decide those are the best offshore trust services for your foreign grantor trust. You will also receive eight offshore bank account options and seven offshore brokerage account options in the offshore trust company introduction package.

To order your foreign grantor trust intro kit package for $495 please contact us now at: service @ and we will give you instructions about how to send us the money to cover the trust package. We will then put you in contact with the people who can assist you and we will also forward to you all the trust forms and contact details so you can connect with this offshore trust company which is located safely in the South Pacific and is the best one for offshore trust services.



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