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You may wonder why every bettor does not use this system if it is so good and easy? The answer is not many professional bettors know about it since they have been trained in straight betting for gaining units and do not know of using the offshore sports books with an online sport betting system linked to the power of compounding. In fact, every offshore sports book does not want anyone to know about these systems. They like their customers doing random and aimless gambling offshore because it keeps them in business.

Also, you may think: "Why should I buy this online sport betting system when there are many hyips that I could put my money into"? Hey !!! Do you know how many of those hyips last for any length of time? About one out of thirty, so your chances for losing your money is very very good. By having your money in the safety of multi-million dollar offshore sports book your money is safe from your government and hyip operators who want to take it from you. HYIPS are the initials for "high yield investment programs".

With a sports investing system you control the profits by following the rules and you control the length of time the trading lasts. When you give your money to some high yield program it may last one half to two years but in the end someone will intervene so your investment is gone. Either the USSA government takes it, or the program administrator runs off with it, or something else happens to it. Not so with our online sport betting investment system. It is totally in your power and safely done in selected offshore sports books which are rated A+.

The achilles heel of using ANY online sport betting investment system is within you. If you get greedy or impatient and start taking some big bets to get ahead then you are begging for trouble. That is why you must stay very disciplined and limit your system starting bets to only X% of your bank roll at the max. But in the package instructions you will find out about what to watch out for, how to control yourself, and what percentage to make your starting bet when you use our system. This information on how not to lose your money is worth the price of the pkg. alone. Random and aimless gambling offshore is for losers.

In our package you get instructions pointing you to the best systems to use to get 8% to 15% in your offshore sports book accounts month after month. We also give you web sites and email subscription accounts so you will get free picks to use within our online sport betting investment system. The picks you will find on the secret forums we give to you will literally save you hundreds of dollars per month since many of the picks have already been purchased by many other pro bettors and they are simply posting them on our favorite secret forum after they have made their bets for the day. Some of these picks are actually guaranteed for the original buyers (the guarantee is: if they lose they get their next picks for free). We teach you how to use our tools and look for consensus picks that win at a very high winning average. I have gotten as high as a 75% winning percentage in a thirty day stretch using the consensus pick tools, so it is possible to maintain a steady stream of profits with our systems. With our systems you need a winning average much less than this so you can see how valuable our system tools package really is.

For those of you who have already purchased the S.B.C. system, I will introduce you to several systems so that you do not blow out your account using the excellent win percentage picks you get with the NBA system. The S.B.C. system is worth purchasing because of the very high win percentage of the picks, especially the NBA system, but many people blow out their accounts using the system given in that package. I will show you the money management system to use and the systems you can use with those excellent picks from the S.B.C. system so you do not blow out your sports book account. This ebook introduced in our package comes highly recommended for systems.

I will show you a little known way to find over/under plays (total plays) that have a very high win rate. The tools to find these are not obvious to many bettors, and in fact, it is absolutely amazing concerning the amount of tools and picks you can get off of the world wide web in order to win with an offshore sports betting investment system. But most people do not recognize them nor do they use them effectively. Since the over/under plays almost always have odds between -105 and -120 you can use these picks with a number of our recommended systems and by using our online sport betting systems you can win over and over again.

I will introduce you to the top offshore sports books that will allow you to hold money in strong currencies and not just the U.S. dollar. You need to hold your base principal and profits in several strong currencies and have your accounts in several different offshore sports books in several different countries. You could spend hours trying to find these top books with diversified currencies, but would never find them on your own. We identify them for you in our online sport betting package.

I will introduce you to an offshore bank that you can use to wire money to your sports books. You will need this if you are a U.S. citizen and want to fund your sports books with strong currencies: Canadian Dollar, Aussie Dollar or the Norwegian Kroner which I recommend. Some sports books will not allow you to fund your accounts from a U.S. bank account or U.S. payment processor, so this info. you will get is very important for funding the books. If you want to wire money you will need to have a bank account that is not in the U.S. But you can always use Money Gram or Western Union to fund your sports books from the U.S. So no worries in this regard.

I will introduce you to several countries you can live in comfortably for $1,000 per month so you only need to average 5% per month in your offshore sports book (s) with a deposit of $20,000 to be able to support yourself in these very affordable and liveable countries where the people are so friendly and helpful. This information in itself is very valuable for the person who wants to escape offshore but lacks an online way to make money in his new country of residence. Your earnings in many of these countries will be tax-free ( but check the laws of your home country) since they are not onshore earnings in your new country of residence. You will bring the money in via an ATM card which is low profile and private.

The total cost for all this is not $1499 if you figure in the cost of the online sport betting investment systems and the hundreds of dollars worth of free DAILY picks that you will get month after month, but it is an affordable $885 if you pay within the next two weeks since we plan on raising the price. We do not want too many people using our systems since they are so powerful and the sports books make money off of the losers. So we limit the amount of people using them by charging more. Contact us at our email address for ordering instructions to get our offshore online sport betting investment system. Stop randomly and aimlessly gambling offshore !!! Your wallet will thank you.

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Disclaimer: The information available here is for recreational purposes only and not intended to violate any national, state, local, or federal laws. There is a lot of negative propoganda directed to U.S. people about offshore online sport betting and that is why many mistakenly think it is evil. But people from the U.S. need to know that there is no federal law that prohibits them from betting offshore. The propoganda would like you to think so. But for some there are state laws about gambling offshore and you should check those before you consider opening accounts with offshore sports books. The laws are always changing so you need to check them since they may have changed since this was written.

Warning: This online sport betting investment system article is protected by international copy right laws. All violaters will suffer the consequences of breaking these laws.



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