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Open Australian Bank Account

Open an Australian bank account now while the window is still open. Freedom Offshore Services through many hours of research has located a banking group in OZ with billions of dollars in assets that will allow a non resident to open an account through the mail.

Why Open an Australian Bank Account?

If you are involved with internet marketing or affiliate marketing and you need to open an Australian bank account in order to deposit checks or wires from your customers then this is an ideal bank account for you since you can draw the money out later using a debit card.

Many banks in the United States are failing and the US dollar is doomed to continue to collapse under the weight of U.S. government debt, but the Australian dollar is undergirded by the vast amount of commodities that this country is producing. So if you live outside of Australia then open an australian bank account to diversify your assets.

For non-residents of OZ this opportunity to open an Australian bank account allows you to open an offshore bank account in a country that is very low profile and is not considered a tax haven. There are powers at work to try and shut down the tax havens and prevent money from going to them. That is why Australia is a good choice.

Protect your assets now through an Australian bank account and also learn in our introduction package how you can use this account and other tools we provide you with to invest in Australia. So open an Australian bank account now before the window closes for non residents. Contact us at: service at


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