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Open Bank Account in Australia

Open a bank account in Australia if you are a non resident through our introduction service. After many hours of research we have located a bank in the land down under that will allow you to mail in your paperwork and open an account if you are a non-resident.

If you are an affiliate marketer or have payments coming from your internet customers who are in OZ then to open bank account in Australia to accept cheques and wires is the best solution for you. Use it as a merchant account in one of the solid Australian banks.

No annual or monthly fees, low minimum desposit, and an internet banking facility is all part of this bank account in Australia that can only be maintained in Australian dollars. But your customers can wire in or mail in cheques (checks) in all different currencies and everything will convert to the very strong Aussie dollar in your account.

Open a bank account in Australia for asset protection also. Not many lawyers or other snoops think of looking in Australia for assets and Australia is not on any black list that the tax havens are on. Thus, a bank account in Australia is the perfect solution for protecting your money.

Not only is business freedom and asset protection yours when you open a bank account in Australia but possibilities of investing in OZ are also open for you with other secrets we can share with you after you order our introduction package for only $249.00. Email us at service @ If the help desk is working then use that instead. Open an Australian bank account now while you can. The laws are always changing so please check with us before you request this package to see if there are any changes.



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