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Open USA Bank Account

Any non resident can easily open a USA bank account if they are able to fill out some forms and fax them to the U.S. along with I.D. copies and a utility bill or bank statement. Open one from outside the United States. It's very easy to do with the help of Freedom Offshore Services.

A mistaken belief is that since the Patriot Act came into force, ALL American banks cannot open accounts for non-US Citizens online, via email or fax. Applications can only be made on paper and sent with supporting documents by mail (or courier). This is not true !!!

Through the help of Freedom Offshore Services we have located one bank which will allow you to easily open a usa bank account for non-residents via online access and by fax. We can supply you with the instructions to do this.

If you are involved with internet marketing you may want to easily open a USA bank account if you are a non resident, so you are able to accept payments for selling either your own OR affiliate products and services. You may want to pay for some online services such as marketing and advertising also through the bill pay service.

You also will want to easily open a USA bank account so you can obtain an ATM card in order to access the money that is placed in your bank account. Through our help we can help you obtain such an account. Contact us so you can easily open a usa bank account online and via fax. Email: service (at) and we will help you. If the help desk function is available then use that instead of email.



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