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A Real Global Pension Plan !!!!

How would you like a Portable Savings Plan that is based in a country with over a 1,000 year history, where the law of the country says that any savings plan that fails shall be guaranteed by the other savings plan companies in that country?

How about savings and retirement plans with over 100 funds to pick from and some of them have had high returns per year compounded for many years!!! AND your profits accumulate tax free and you can obtain a loan for 50% of the value of your savings plan should you need to borrow some money!!! **

If this interests you keep reading because these plans are offshore asset protection and wealth building at its finest !!!

Who Needs These Plans?

Portable retirement plans are a way for people working abroad to build up a savings for future retirement when their working circumstances will not provide them with retirement income. They are pension plans for expatriates and those who Harold Hill calls PTs (Perpetual Travelers, Past Taxpayers = PTs).

These offshore pension and savings plans may not be suitable for:

  • people who will soon retire (‘soon retire’ means within the next three to five years) -

  • How Do They Work?

    When you sign up for a portable retirement and savings plan you agree to a contract. This contract length can be set at a minimum of five years but is best set at the age you want to "retire". Normally this is between the age of 55 and 60.

    At the time you establish the offshore savings and retirement plan you decide on a monthly amount you want to put into the plan. The more you put away each month, the more you will have for your retirement. However, you should decide on a monthly amount that will not be too much for you to handle.

    All these Global Pension Plans have a minimum contribution period, anywhere from five to thirty-six months, during which you must make monthly or yearly contributions. After that you can discontinue if you wish, but discontinuing payments makes the plan less financially efficient.

    Flexibility to allow you to miss a few payments if you go through job/work disruption or if you decide to take a long vacation is there, but when starting the plan you should not set the contribution amount too high - your income might increase, but your obligations might increase along with it.

    You should select an amount you are very comfortable with. A simple method for calculating this is to take your yearly disposable income (how much you have left over to spend after your housing and living expenses are paid for, (including an annual vacation/holiday you may take) and divide that amount by two. Separate the yearly amount into twelve equal monthly portions: you should be comfortable with the amount you figure (and the minimum contribution amount is US $200 monthly).

    About $200 monthly is what my contact has had for his plan, and he has always been able to make the contributions even when he was out of work. He made them from his savings and he has come to realize that this retirement plan is one of the best offshore asset protection vehicles that he has ever been introduced to and took advantage of during his lifetime.

    How Do You Make the Contributions?

    The contributions are best made using a credit card - this is the easiest way, is less expensive than using a bank to make the transfers, and after several months you don’t really notice the money going out of your card. Your monthly payment is then invested into a series of offshore funds. My contact's particular plan allows him to invest in up to ten offshore funds.

    What are the Advantages of these Real Global Pension Plans?

    Contributing to one of our Offshore Portable Savings Plans gives you these advantages:

    *Access to diversified selection of funds. You can be in a selection of funds which can maintain overall performance and cushion you from the gyrations of the markets. You can be invested in a wide variety of stock funds; your money can also be working in high-yield or high-grade bond funds, in resource stocks, in gold funds, and in property income funds. Diversified portfolios are safer in the long run. **

    In my contact's retirement plan, he has selected about nine different funds and invested $200 per month and after about eight years there is a value of about $30,000 USD in the plan. Just think if he had put in $1,500 per month? Yup, he would have a quarter of a MILLION DOLLARS and in just EIGHT YEARS!!! **

    *Free switching among the funds. You can switch your funds at any time, changing at zero cost. I will show you a subscription service that will allow you to be informed so you can switch at the right times and maximize the returns available.**

    *The Safety of Monthly Averaging: Investing every month gives you a big advantage over lump-sum investment. If the share price of a fund dips, then you automatically buy more units the next month, etc., until the unit price turns around. As you have a large number of units, your gains will be much greater than with a simple lump-sum investment and this will result in asset protection offshore for you and help secure your retirement.**

    *Compounding TAX FREE. These plans are long-term, part of the financial structuring of your life. Anything over ten years affords you the power of compound interest (dubbed by Einstein ‘the eighth wonder of the world’). A return of 9% doubles your money in eight years and quadruples it in sixteen. Your money makes money and the profits make money too. This is why these plans are particularly suitable for people in their twenties and early thirties but even if you are in your forties they are good.**

    *Portability. You can keep these offshore savings plans even if you move, even if the country you move to is your country (there will be some restrictions if you become resident in the USA). Because these Global Pension Plans are technically life insurance contracts, the investments are held by the insurance company with whom you have a contract for the value of those investments. Therefore, there are no dividends or distributions paid out. The whole value stays within the retirement plan. There are NO TAXES to weaken the power of compounding and therefore you keep the full value right up through the life of the plan when you are taking the benefits from it. Of course, when you start getting monthly payments from the plan there may be tax consequences for you. We encourage you to obey your laws in this regard.

    Ordering Information

    Freedom Offshore Services charges an introduction fee of only $199 USD to put you in contact with these plans, introduce you to a couple of bank account options that you can use to fund these savings plans with, and we will also give you information about a subscriber service that you can use to make intelligent choices about switching among the different funds that are available for tax free compounding.

    Contact Freedom Offshore Services about these portable retirement plans by email only please at: service at but be sure and remove the word "at" and replace it with the @ symbol so that the email address will work. If you see the help desk function working on this web site then use that instead of email. Email is becoming increasingly unreliable these days.

    ** This is not an offer or solicitation to sell securities. See DISCLAIMER on legal page in this web site below.



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