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Private investments offshore allow you to be the only one who knows what you have. This has excellent advantages from an offshore asset protection perspective since they are excellent hidden investments because they are not traceable in your own country where greedy lawyers or a bankrupt government can take them from you for one reason or another. We reveal to you a private wire transfer service which will help keep your offshore investment very private also.

True offshore private investments are not the kind you fill out forms for in order to report them to your government. In some countries the law requires you to report all financial accounts to your government on special forms by a certain date. These accounts are offshore brokerage accounts, offshore bank accounts, etc. But the offshore private investments available on the FREE list you get in any international offshore company formation package you order from us will have a list of private investments that are legally not reportable under the laws of some countries. This will not be the case for citizens of the U.S.

So what is one of the best private investments offshore that is non-reportable? Offshore real estate in one select country that we disclose to you in any one of our international offshore company formation packages is just one example of a safe and non-reportable private investment offshore. For U.S. citizens this is true only if the asset is owned in a personal name. We reveal to you also the maximum price you need to keep your purchase price under when you buy this offshore real estate in order to stay legal according to the laws of at least one of the countries our clients are from.

Another one of the best private investments offshore are certain precious metals holdings that are set up in such a way that they are not considered true financial accounts but are holdings of gold, silver, or platinum securely kept for you offshore in a couple countries that are very safe and where your holdings are insured and guaranteed OR kept in a country with very strong privacy and asset protection laws. Again, for U.S. citizens it is best to hold these in your own name in allocated holdings and under a certain amount we can reveal to you. Two of the best companies in the world for offshore private investments in precious metals are given to you for FREE when you order one of our international offshore company formation packages.

Finally, if you order a Belize ibc (international business compnay) or an offshore llc (limited liability company) package from us then you will get two more overseas private investment options in the FREE list of high performing investments and these are basically private offshore financial account firms that will buy stocks and forex for you and the accounts are in their name even though you own and control them. One of the offshore financial services firms buys stock for you and allows you to trade forex and the other one will buy stock and precious metals for you. They even have a couple of funds such as a silver fund and an energy fund. All of these are held in trust for you in their name which guarantees maximum privacy as you pursue private investments offshore.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing contained herein should be construed as legal, tax and/or accounting advice. We don't sell private investments offshore. We're not brokers, money managers, or financial advisors. Any action taken in regards to the information contained in this message or our products and our services should be undertaken only upon the advice and counsel of a trained legal and/or accounting professional. Freedom Offshore Services, and its partners, editors, and affiliates, ONLY offer asset protection products and services and we pass along wealth-enhancement ideas, and financial education. We are not liable for any loss you incur that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase of our asset protection products and services and your entry into or purchase of Private investments offshore. We implore you to obey the laws of the country you are a citizen or resident of concerning offshore accounts and private investments offshore so you do not get into trouble. This disclaimer is required by the laws of some countries.



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