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Purchasing Instructions

We have made it easy for you to order from us. We make available many different kinds of payment methods that will work for both of us. We reluctantly offer credit card options because of those who order and then try to reverse the charges so they do not have to pay. So we offer methods that are secure for both of us.

We offer the following:

1. ATTENTION: Please get an update from us about the purchasing options we offer because some of the options below may not be available anymore.

1. Wire transfer from your bank account. CHEAP AND FAST.

2. Possibly cheque payment for those in Europe and check payment for those in North America but the payment needs to clear before we can send you the product or service. If you are not in a hurry then this will work.

3. Visa, Mastercard or possibly American Express....

4. ACH payments

5. Western Union or Money Gram and this is CHEAP AND FAST.

6. IBAN payments - CHEAP AND FAST

7. Possible cash payment in CHF, EUR, USD, AUD, NZD and GBP - CHEAP AND FAST

8. Please tell us if you already have money in any of the ecurrencies as it is possible we will accept payment from your account and it will speed things up OR you can purchase using Bitcoin.

Contact Us

Please select three different choices for paying, tell us what you want to order, tell us which country or continent you are located in and then contact us here: service at but please replace the word "at" with the @ symbol in the email address above so the address will work. If the help desk is working on this web site then use that instead of email. Email is becoming increasingly unreliable so that is why we ask this.

We will send you the ordering instructions. If there is a help desk function on this web site please use that instead of email.

To your freedom and sovereignty,

Purchasing Department of Freedom Offshore Services



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