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Reverse Pension Plans in Reverse

Get a Genuine Global Pension Plan

Reverse pension plans are all the rage right now on hyips forums because they promise so much for so little. According to the promoters, you are able to get a pay out in just a short amount of time for a one time payment of anywhere from $35 to $50. Each plan has their own unique requirements, but the sales pitch is all the same: "Get a huge payout for a very small 'investment' in a very short amount of time."

BUT Genuine Global Pension Plans are really reverse pension plans in reverse. These programs do not promise you a pie in the sky opportunity to obtain $50,000 in a few short years or months for just a one time investment of $50:00. The only people who retire from such a program are the hyip promoters who are safely located in a country far away where they can not be easily touched after they run away with your money,

A real Global Pension Plan is located in a country with a 1,000 year history of stable government. There are a number of these offshore retirement plans available in this country and if one of these fail then all the other companies who offer such plans will come to the rescue of a failed one and give the plan holders back 90% of the money that was invested in the failed program. But in the 1,000 year history of this country only one has ever failed. So your investment is very secure. This is truly offshore asset protection at its very finest. **

These reverse pension plans in reverse sometimes contain a hundred or more offshore funds to choose from and some of these funds have records of producing over 75% or more per year in profits. You can have up to ten different funds in these programs and you can switch between the funds for free. So if the offshore funds which were making you 10% to 50% per month start dying down, then you can switch to those which have a better track record and better prospects for the future. **

Why do I call these programs reverse pension plans in reverse? Because a real pension scheme with a huge payout at the end is not funded by just one payment like the scammers are telling you, but by many small payments over time. This gives you the advantage of dollar cost investing whereby you can average your investment out during the high and low times of the market and not get caught buying into all your funds at the top of the market cycles. This strategy offers real offshore asset protection of your investment principal. **

If you would like to purchase an introduction to these plans then please go to the menu on the left and click on portable retirement plans and you will learn how to pay the introduction fee which is explained at the bottom of the page.

** This is not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities. See legal page by clicking on disclaimer below.


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