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I have assembled an applying for a second passport program package with enough options in it that you will be able to find one that fits your time and budget. I have learned in the past that if I give out names of countries then some of my past potential clients have taken that information and tried to find something on their own only to get really ripped off and lose their money. They then come back to me and tell me they wish they had gotten my dual citizenship and foreign residency package. So I do not reveal these countries names, but I can tell you that the some of the best programs are in Latin America. You will get all the legal ones in the introduction package. We even have several legal economic citizenship and relatively instant passport programs available for those who do not mind spending some money securing their freedom.

If you want to get a real dual nationality leading to a legal second passport then my second passport programs package is the best on the market. I have spent hours and hours reading and researching and keeping my eyes peeled for contacts I can trust. Some alternative passport program providers scam you and others offer you only contacts for one country and then you eventually decide you do not want that one and then you are stuck having to look in other places for a different provider for a different country that suits you more. The result is wasted money and wasted time.

Furthermore, there is a popular dual citizenship and second residencies book on the market that a lot of people are buying. It has the same information that you get in a junior high school encyclopedia about each country it covers and gives you a very small range of contacts for legal second passports. It gives you contact to legal second passport programs that only the wealthy can afford and does not really help the person who wants to save money or does not help the middle class person with a struggling Internet business who needs a reasonably priced second passport program to help him or her escape the tyrannical government that they are in slavery to.

My package, on the other hand, has contacts for all the real and legal second passport programs in the world. Plus, I've specialized in finding contacts who will keep the costs down for my clients. Other providers try and make as much money as they can off of your purchase. I instead try and save you money. As I stated before, I've contacts in the xxxxx which could help you get a foreign residency leading to dual citizenship for less than $9,000 if you could do it all today (prices will creep up a little for each stage over time). Others charge $18,000 and $30,000 for the same exact thing. They pocket a lot of money which could be money in our client's pockets so the client can invest it and become economically free. We care about you and try to give to you and not take so much money from you.

There is also another country in South America where a very prominent person on the net charges 30,000 EUROS to help you obtain dual nationality leading to a 2nd passport. That means he pockets a lot of EUROS from his clients when he makes a sale since the lawyer he pays charges much less to process this for you. IN MY PACKAGE YOU GO STRAIGHT TO THE LAWYER AND WORK WITH HIM FOR A SAVINGS OF MANY EUROS. I have a special translator who charges $100 and they will also help you with finding a hotel and other things. But you can always use the person who charges more if saving money is not important to you. You can find this more expensive contact in my package if you want to use him for red carpet service after purchasing my second passport programs package and contacting him.

Both the above programs allow you to acquire citizenship and a passport without living in the country you are acquiring foreign second residency and dual citizenship from. You do it by vacationing there. Now you can take your vacations with a purpose and eventually have something from your vacation instead of just memories and returning home with a sunburn. Purchase our second passport programs package today while there is still time to get a dual residency and a second offshore foreign dual nationality and foreign second passport.

Warning: We do not do business with citizens or residents of those countries on the U.S. State Department's list which harbor terrorists or terrorist training camps. We will not allow our service which is meant to help government oppressed people guarantee their financial privacy and freedom to fall into the wrong hands and be used to further the aims of terrorists who want to bring harm to innocent people. Therefore, we have no choice but to steer clear of all people who could possibly be wanting to move abroad to fulfill their terrorist goals.

In most of the programs, you have just read about, you will read "our" or "we" when referring to the contacts who offer the programs. Those are not us but the contacts we introduce you to via our 2nd Residencies and 2nd Passports Introduction Package. Freedom Offshore Services doesn't sell any Passport Programs or 2nd Residency Programs. We only sell a digital information product with much information in it that will put you in touch with the programs and nothing more. We do not gain monetary compensation for any of the economic citizenship programs you may want to engage in.

The programs described on this page that we recommend as educational information are not black listed or gray area type passport programs, but nevertheless they could still be looked at as being illegal in some nations like North Korea etc. You need to conduct due diligence and look at the laws of your own country prior to making a decision to get involved in any program. So, we can't be held responsible for your choices regarding any of the programs. Even though the various economic citizenship country programs discussed on this website have proven themselves and only good news from those involved in them has come to our ears for many years now, we have no certainty in writing about what the future will bring for the many programs on our website.

Therefore, if you decide to buy the second residency and second passports introduction pkg. from us, you must realize that we have no legal responsibility to force you to decide for one program over another, and you agree to bear all the responsibility for your choice to buy a particular program. We encourage you to consider purchasing the more expensive programs, if you can afford one. Only if you can not afford the more expensive choices, you should consider a less costly program. If you need to purchase a cheaper and faster 2nd citizenship and passport program and it can rescue your freedom, then that could very well be the correct "freedom insurance" for you and yours.

Therefore, you are the judge and jury as you search for and follow the laws of your country! If you are a citizen of a country that has laws against procuring 2nd passports or 2nd residencies, then please think twice about moving forward with any program. Furthermore, many passports that some hucksters sell on their websites are in fact illegal for anyone to purchase, and those that others sell could be looked at as being a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that may be hidden in the legal paperwork of your country of residency and citizenship.


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