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Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loans

Attention: In the last chapter of this expert's fascinating report, he will tell you how to set up your own self-liquidating loan right from your own home town. But very few people have the knowledge and more importantly the tools and resources to set one up. After you read the report please tell Freedom Offshore what you think about the report and we will tell you how you can find the resources and tools we use to set up a self-liquidating loan. We will not recommend anything to you but simply tell you where you can find the resources and tools we use. But you must get the report first. Get his Self-Liquidating Loan Report after contacting us by email.

Are loans that self-liquidate legal? - Do they actually exist? - Can you obtain such a loan? - Are Prime Bank Notes real? How and where do you obtain one? - Why do many bankers hesitate when you ask them to be a fiduciary for your Self-Liquidating Loan? After all, you are simply asking them to disburse the money against your orders. - Is it really a con game if there aren't any front-fees in the deal? - What professionals really put together genuine Self-Liquidating Loans? - Could you put together a smaller Self-Liquidating Loan and have more chance for success? - Can you in your own home town put together your own Self-Liquidating Loan?

SELF-LIQUIDATING (Arbitrage) LOANS have been around for years. - Some people have tried to obtain one for themselves.

Every year, thousands of people around the world lose millions of dollars trying to obtain a Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loan for themselves. These victims come from all stratas of society; all the way from the highly educated to the working class high school dropouts. Moreover, bank presidents, and state and federal government officials are scammed and quite regularly appear on the lists of unsuspecting victims who were fleeced by con-men offering to set up loans that self-liquidate.

Each year millions of dollars are spent by law enforcement agencies around the world ( that does not include the money lost by the victim borrowers) in investigating and prosecuting the scammers who purport to offer such loans. But, the investigation can only commence after the poor victims have been totally scammed and the con-men involved have secretly fled to another area (usually under another alias). And, in many of these cases, after the law enforcement agencies finally catch up to the con-man, the victims are fearful to open up and tell all about being scammed, or they still are hopeful of receiving their loan.

Even when you approach some of the most savy financial gurus about Self-Liquidating Loans, they will exclaim authoritatively: "They do not work." BUT, if you ask them "Why don't they work?" , they will not have an answer for you.

Finally, when you have one of those financial gurus to look over the Self-Liquidating Loan package that you purchased their feedback is usually: "It seems like it may work, but there has to be a catch." OR "This could work, however, prior to participating in this, you should obtain the name of the lender and the issuer who puts up the collateral."

In early 1988, an expert who is now retired was contacted by the "International Society of Financiers" with an invitation to be the keynote speaker at their autumn seminar for that year. - That particular seminar was to cover all points of financing such as equity financing, debt financing, asset based lending, consumer lending, etc.

Very soon after the expert consented to act as the keynote speaker, the founder of the International Society of Financiers asked the expert if he would speak about Self-Liquidating Loans. You see, no other speaker felt comfortable speaking about this topic and everyone already had enough to handle in dealing with their own field of expertise. Since the only commitment of this expert was to act as the keynote speaker, and also to participate in various panel discussions, he accepted the invitation given to him by the founder of this exclusive society.

After the very first brochures advertising the seminar were sent out - with the program schedule telling about the topic of of this expert's keynote lecture - HIS TELEPHONE BEGAN RINGING OFF THE HOOK. Who were they? They were people from all walks of life asking if a transcript of this expert's lecture would be available after the lecture or if one was available now.

The callers were those who didn't want to be at the seminar and pay for information from the other speakers that they did not want or need, however, they wanted all the information available about Self-Liquidating Loans. - This expert even had law enforcement people, banking officials, and consumer advocates call and all were seeking a better understanding about the content of that particular lecture. Some who called had attended seminars where this lecture was given.

Following his speaking engagement at this Society's seminar, he delivered the same informative lecture at two International Banking Symposiums. Before both of those symposiums commenced, he received a volume of the same kind of telephone calls asking for copies of the lecture on Self-- Liquidating Loans. This most certainly resulted in a good many tapes being sold to people who only wanted to hear that particular lecture and secure information about what Self-Liquidating Loans are and how they work.

So, realizing the demand for this information from people of all walks of life the expert decided to put his lecture into writing and he offered his written report on the subject to the public. - Thousands of copies of this special report have been sold in the U.S.

The original report has been updated and rewritten with new information about new angles these con-men are using to ensare the gullible. In the new report, you will learn:How a Self-Liquidating Loan Con-Game is Put Together

The expert tells you about all the key ingredients of those con-games ... Letters of Credit ... Prime Bank Notes ... Collateral Houses. He tells you what the con-men call them and what they actually are.

How a Self-Liquidating Loan is Successfully Done

Using the same techniques that the con-men use such as arbitrage and hedging instruments etc., it is possible to set up a "real" Self-Liquidating Loan - BUT - if it was really as simple as the con-men tell you it is then every major corporation would be setting them up over and over and over again.

After you've finished reading this well written report, you will have more knowledge about Self-Liquidating Loans than most financial gurus in this country who act like they know everything. Order your very own copy, today! - Now it's only $39.95 . -- If you've ever wanted to set up a Self-Liquidating Loan, then you have to get this report ... in Self Defense. It may literally spare you from losing thousands of dollars to the scammers.


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P.S. - In the last chapter of this expert's fascinating report, he will tell you how to set up your own self-liquidating loan right from your own home town.- It's been done for years. But very few people have the knowledge and more importantly the tools and resources to set one up. Get the Self-Liquidating Loan report now after asking us how by email.


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