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Switzerland Bank Account Opening Made Easy

To open a swiss bank account is not difficult if you have the help of the owner of Freedom Offshore Services who has researched the various options available and can point you to a couple of banks which will accept people from outside of Switzerland. These banks are not easy to find on your own. That is why it is best to follow the lead of someone who has done the work for you and has assembled two of the best banks in a complete package. You get both of them in the same low priced package.

It is not illegal to open a Switzerland bank account if you are a citizen of one of the major countries in the world. It is illegal for only several smaller countries. So it is important if you are a citizen of one of the more insignificant countries that you check with the laws of your country to see if you are prohibited from opening one. If you are from one of these countries do not fear since the package we give to you contains other banks which are even more private than Swiss banks and you can also open a Swiss account or another bank account using a foreign offshore llc or a Belize ibc if you are personally prohibited from opening a personal account.

The reason our package makes it easy to open a Swiss account is because you do not have to fly to Switzerland personally. Our banks allow you to send in your documentation by post or by FEDEX and this saves you the $2,000 in flight and hotel costs that other people pay who find a Swiss bank by searching on the net and are told they must fly to the bank and open the account. We save you this time and cost by having located the very best top banks in Switzerland for the common person and also banks in other countries that will open an account for you via correspondence.

Another reason it is easy to open a Switzerland bank account with our services is that we have located banks that accept from 1000 CHF to 5,000 CHF as minimum deposits. Outside our services many people are discriminated against by the big Swiss banks such as UBS etc. which require a minimum of $100,000 or more. But in our package we have included banks which do not require these high deposit amounts and these banks are under the same stringent Swiss safety regulations as the big banks are under. Therefore, you can open a Swiss bank account with confidence knowing the safety and the security which surrounds your money being on deposit there.

Before you open a Swiss bank account you need to decide if you want to open up one in your own name or in the name of a structure like a trust, foundation, or company such as a Belize international business corporation (IBC) or an offshore foreign limited liability company (LLC). We recommend that you purchase an inexpensive structure rather than open the account in your own name since if you do so you will not come under the laws of a tyranical government which may tell you it is illegal for you to open up a personal bank account. If you do not see that law now, it could come later.

You will not be opening up a Swiss bank account for yourself personally if you open up one in the name of your foreign off shore LLC as the manager of the limited life company or limited liability company or as the director of your cheap offshore Belize ibc. These will be company bank accounts that you will open. But of course you will benefit from them because you will have authority over the decisions made for the accounts when you are a manager or director of your company.

Now is the perfect time to open a Switzerland bank account. Do not put it off for another day when you can open up a Swiss bank account easily today. You never know what changes may be coming in the future and so you need to get your account opened now while there is still time and freedom to do so. Please contact us at our email address: service @ so we can help you purchase our package which includes two banks to pick from with minimums of 1,000, and 5,000 and there is no maximum deposit amount limit required by these banks.



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