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Why The Flight To Offshore Forex Brokers?

Why Escape To Offshore Managed Accounts?

If this web site was not dedicated to anything else it could be dedicated to the freedom offshore that forex traders are finding as they flee to brokerages overseas with their money so they can continue to make 8% per month. Why are they fleeing to offshore forex brokers and offshore forex managed accounts? Because two alphabet soup agencies (NFA and CFTC) in the U.S.A. have applied freedom and wealth robbing restrictions to forex trading in the U.S. About three or four of these restrictions have been made law already in spite of the outpouring of pleas coming from the forex traders who are going to lose valuable income as a result of them. Sounds like the same thing that happened with health care doesn't it? It's big brother in the U.S.A. against the will of the people.

As this writer read the comments on the Internet coming from those that opposed it, not one person really recognized the true source of this financial tyranny. Just like all the money borrowed by the U.S.A. government turned out to be a BAIL OUT FOR WALL STREET, while the average citizens are losing their jobs at a fast rate, so these freedom robbing regulations are also a bail out for Wall Street since they are designed not to protect the little guy, but they are designed to protect Wall Street from loss of monetary support by driving the little guy away from the lure of profitable forex and back to Wall Street so that the securities and corporate bond industry would be propped up with money coming back from the masses who had earlier fled from small gains. Welcome to the world of FASCISM.

This writer was talking to a bank manager in Austria one time on the phone, and this man said that the government of the U.S.A. was "the most protectionistic government that he has ever seen." Most Americans are so brainwashed by their newspapers and media and they do not realize the real extent that the government will go to in order to protect the big corporate powers at the expense of the little guy. In the case of forex trading the little guy losses his freedom to invest and an effort is made to protect the profits of Wall Street. But this is driving the little guy to excellent offshore forex brokers in places like Switzerland, Panama, Bahamas, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and the U.K. The term "offshore" here is not used in its strict technical sense but instead to describe the movement of money to another country where there is more investment freedom.

You may argue that the government is trying to protect the little guy from losses and that is why these regulations are applied. But there is one regulation of those that were created that proves this was not the intention of the U.S.A. government when they forced their tyranny upon the 99% of forex traders who were against the rules. It is the hedging rule that says you cannot enter long and short trades on the same currency pair at the same time. What is revealing about this rule is that one of the top forex traders in the world who has very little risk to his forex trading and is making about 8% per month consistently was entering long and short trades on the same currency pair in order to safely carry out his system of low risk high yield returns. After the rule was applied he was able to move his trading account to a brokerage in the U.S. which had an offshore division in the U.K. and he was able to continue to trade there and crank out 8% per month profits with little risk because of the hedging that is designed to protect against losses for the retail investor but which was taken away by the no hedging rule coming from the U.S. government alphabet soup agency called the NFA. Can you see clearly who or what these rules are meant to protect? Not the individual !

This email info from them describes their method of reducing risks using the banned hedging strategy:

"Our USD/DKK trade defied expectations this morning and moved sharply up rather than continuing its move down as expected. We closed our short position, and we were able to ride a nice long position up, which we closed out early in the European session for a good overall net profit."

You can see that the hedging is used for safety of profits. So the result of these fascist forex rules is an ESCAPE to offshore forex brokers and offshore managed accounts which are not governed by these rules. The little guy can still earn 8% per month with offshore forex trading. The only problem is that many offshore forex brokers will soon be pressured by the U.S. government into not accepting clients from the U.S.A. and many people will have to then open their accounts using a offshore limited liability company or an international business corporation. In fact, since so many countries copy the laws of the U.S. there will come a time where citizens from most of the major countries will need to open up their offshore accounts using an offshore llc or ibc. So it is best to be ahead of the game and learn why people are asking the question: why escape to forex brokers offshore? Get one of our offshore limited liability company packages or our belize ibc package for offshore asset protection and for forex freedom offshore financial growth.

Disclaimer: Forex is a leveraged product. It may not be suitable for you as it carries a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial investment. You should ensure you understand all of the risks.


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